What is The Real RTP of Hacksaw Slots: 96 or 88%?

What is The Real RTP of Hacksaw Slots: 96 or 88%?

Most online casino players are well aware of the importance of RTP when it comes to online slots. However, very few players know that there is a big new trend in the online casino industry that many software providers are following now (including Hacksaw Gaming).

Some slot producers create slots on which RTP ranges. It means that exactly the same slot game has different RTP levels. Speaking about Hacksaw Gaming, there are four different RTP settings: 96%, 94%, 92% and 88%.

Online casinos, on the other hand, are free to set any of these RTP levels. At the same time, such slots are being advertised to have the maximum RTP of 96%. They say nothing about the fact that it can be much lower at particular online casinos.

Here are some examples of Hacksaw slots with adjustable RTP “feature” (more like a scam to me): Wanted Dead or Wild, Hand of Anubis, Gladiator Legends, Cash Quest.

The good news though is that Hacksaw makes public the information on what RTP their slots have at particular casinos. So players can easily verify it.

I have checked a few casinos, and at these gambling operators, Hacksaw slots are offered with good RTP:

Anyway, it is not rocket science at all to do it yourself. By the way, you have to do it:

  • At each casino separately,

  • Before each gaming session since it takes a few seconds for casinos to switch the RTP

How to establish the real RTP of Hacksaw slots?

Let’s examine the Wanted Dead or A Wid as an example.

The information regarding the RTP is provided in the info section of each slot. So you need to click on the info icon.


As you can see, at this particular online casino this slot comes with the maximum possible RTP of 96%+.


Exactly the same slot goes with significantly lower RTP at another online casino. Here it has 95%.


I guess, now it is crystal clear why you should verify the RTP of all Hacksaw slots before playing them for real money. Don’t forget to do it before each session since casinos are able to change the RTP quite easily.

Software provides that do not allow casinos to change RTP