What is The Real RTP of Foxium Slots: 96 or 92%?

What is The Real RTP of Foxium Slots: 96 or 92%?

RTP plays the most crucial role in what gaming experience you are going to get playing one or another online slot. The industry’s gold standard is 96% RTP. That’s what online casino players should be looking for. And most players are actually aware of this fact.

Some software providers in pursuit to make more money have introduced a curious “feature” (it is more suitable to call it a scam). It is called changeable or adjustable RTP. It means that slot producers, creating a new slot game, include different RTP levels in them. For example, speaking about Foxium slots, these levels are 96.10%, 94.15%, and 92.10%.

It means that exactly the same slot can have any of the above-mentioned RTP values. How does it work exactly? Well, an online casino can set any of these RTP levels. So exactly the same slot can have 96% RTP at one online casino, and 92% RTP at another casino.

By the way, I have researched which Foxium slots included such a “feature”, and here is the complete list of Foxium slots with changeable RTP: The Great Albini 2, Cossacks the Wild Hunt, Gods of Seas Triton’s Fortune, FruitZ, Stumpu McDoodles 2, Oink Farm.

As a result, you have to verify the RTP of Foxium slots at each online casino individually. Otherwise, you might get a much lower RTP than has been advertised. Moreover, you’d better do it before each time you would like to play for real money since it does not take long for a casino to switch the RTP.

How to establish the real RTP of Foxium slots

The procedure is pretty much straightforward since Foxium (to their credit) provide the RTP info in the information section of their games.

Let’s take the Gods of SSeas Triton’s Fortune slot as an example.

Simply click on the menu button which you can find in the top right corner of the slot.


A new web browser window is going to pop up right after that. Here you need to click on the “return to player” section.


Great! Now you can see that the Gods of SSeas Triton’s Fortune slot comes with a 94,2% RTP at this particular casino.


At other casinos, the RTP might be either 96.10% or 92.10%. I am sure there is no need to explain which RTP level you should be looking for.