What is The Real RTP of CT Gaming Slots: 96 or 88%?

What is The Real RTP of CT Gaming Slots: 96 or 88%?

I suppose you understand the importance of RTP on online slots since you are trying to find the info regarding the RTP of CT Gaming slots. In this article, I am going to explain how it can be different depending on an online casino.

In recent years, many slot producers have introduced a very interesting “feature” to trick casino players. They allow casinos to set the RTP on their own. It does not mean that software providers allow rigging the games, no. They simply introduce some number of RTP levels. When it comes to CT Gaming slots, those are: 88,30% / 89,25% / 90,30% / 91,30% / 92,15% / 92,90% / 94,30% / 95,05% / 96,40%.

It means that an online casino can set any of these RTP values. So to say, exactly the same slot may have an RTP of 96,4% at casino A, and an RTP of 88,3% at online casino B.

At the same time, slots are being advertised to have the maximum possible RTP, 96%+, so casino players have no idea that the RTP can be much lower.

Unfortunately, almost all CT Gaming slots come with the adjustable RTP “feature”.

Here are some examples of CT Gaming slots with changeable RTP: 40 Treasures, 40 Shining Jewels, Banana Party, Brilliants on Fire, Lucky 3 Penguins, Mighty Kraken, 777 Wild Clover, African Magic, Amazons Spear, Great Queen Bee.

How to find out the real RTP of CT Gaming slots

It is quite sad, but CT Gaming does not allow checking the RTP in the info section (as most other software providers allow). As a result, you can never know for sure what RTP a CT Gaming slot has at a particular casino.

Therefore, I can only recommend this. Simply avoid playing CT Gaming slots since there is no way to establish the real RTP.

88% RTP is absolutely terrible in comparison to 96%. You will have little to nothing chance to end up with a profit.

If you still would like to play CT Gaming slots, then you’d better do it at UK or MGA licensed casinos. These gambling commissions impose requirements regarding RTP. I believe, it must not be lower than 94%.

Slot studios that do not allow casinos to change RTP

These software providers have constant RTP at all online casinos: