What is The Real RTP of BF Games Slots: 96 or 92%?

What is The Real RTP of BF Games Slots: 96 or 92%?

RTP stands for return to player, and it determines how an online slot pays in the long run. This is the most critical parameter, no question about that.

Most software providers make the RTP of their games public so that players can make an informed decision about whether a particular slot is worth their time or not.

However, you have to be aware that some slot producers resort to a very dirty trick. They only disclose the maximum possible RTP, whereas it can be changed by casinos and set at different levels. BF Games is one of those slot studios and some of their slots can have these RTP levels: 96, 94 or 92%.

It means that exactly the same game can have any of these RTP values at different online casinos.

By the way, most BF Games slots have this “feature”. Here are some examples of BF Games slots with changeable RTP: Chicken Madness, Squid from the Deep, Cave of Fortune, Burning Slots, Royal Crown Remastered, Ramses Rising, Aztec Adventure.

How to establish the real RTP of BF Games slots?

Before I show you how to do it by yourself, you have to keep in mind this:

  • First of all, you need to verify the RTP of BF Games slots at each online casino separately,

  • Secondly, you have to do it before each gaming session since a casino can switch the RTP in a matter of minutes.

Let’s take The Ramses Rising slot as an example.

Click on the question mark button first.


Here you can see the RTP this slot has at this particular casino. As you can see, here it is 96,2%, which is quite decent.


However, exactly the same slot (Ramses Rising) comes with a much lower RTP of 94,11% at another online casino.


At some casinos, it can be even 92%.

That’s why it is super important to verify the RTP of all BF Games slots at each casino individually.

Explanation of why the difference between 96% and 92% is huge

92% RTP is two times worse than 96%!

Let’s break it down. 96% RTP = 4% house edge, 92% RTP = 8% house edge.

8% is two times greater than 4%.

It means you will be losing money two times faster, having two times less chances to win big, and having two times less fun.