What is The Real RTP of Alchemy Slots: 96 or 92%?

What is The Real RTP of Alchemy Slots: 96 or 92%?

RTP is the most important parameter of any slot game, I am sure nobody will argue with that. It determines how much an online slot pays in the long run. That’s why many casino players are eager to know it before making real money bets.

However, some slot studios (this is a relatively recent trend in the Igaming industry) resort to this trick. They allow casinos to select what RTP a particular slot has at their venues. It is normally done this way (by the way, this “feature” is called adjustable RTP).

An online slot with adjustable RTP normally has some number of RTP levels. For example, when it comes to Alchemy slots, they are: 96.33%, 94.10% and 92.10%.

It means that any online casino can set any of these RTP values on a whim. Exactly the same slot may have a decent RTP of 96%+ at casino A, and a terrible RTP of 92% at casino B.

The whole point of this scheme is to make players believe that a particular slot has a decent RTP. Alchemy advertises their games to have the maximum possible RTP, whereas, in fact, it can be much lower.

I have made some research and here is the complete list of Alchemy slots that make it possible to change the RTP: Chronicles of Olympus X up, 25000 Talons, Africa X up, Bolt X up.

How to establish the real RTP of Alchemy slots

As I have implied earlier, you have to verify the RTP at each online casino individually. Moreover, you’d better do it before each gaming session.

Let’s learn how it can be done by yourself and take the Chronicles of Olympus X up slot as an example.

First thing first, click on the menu button.


A browser window is going to pop up. It includes a lot of interesting information, including the RTP level this slot has at this particular casino.

Simply click on the “return to player” section.


Here you can see that the RTP of this slot at this casino is 94,1%.


At some casinos, it might be as low as 92,1%. At some casinos, it can be 96,33%.

That’s why you have to verify it!