What is The Real RTP of 2by2 Gaming Slots: 96 or 94%?

What is The Real RTP of 2by2 Gaming Slots: 96 or 94%?

There is a new trend in the online casino industry that should raise your concerns. I am talking about the fact that some software providers create slots with changeable RTP. Usually, it implies that a particular game comes with different RTP levels, for example, 97%, 95% and 93%.

A slot with fluctuating RTP allows casinos to decide what RTP level the slot will have on their platforms. So to say, exactly the same slot may have at casino A RTP of 97% and at casino B RTP of 93%.

2by2 Gaming is one of those slot studios that allows casinos to change RTP. To be fair, not all 2by2 Gaming slots include this interesting “feature”, but some of them do: The Sand Princess, Agent Valkyrie, Celtic Goddess.

As a result, you have to verify the RTP of a particular 2by2 Gaming slot at each online casino individually.

By the way, at these casinos 2by2 Gaming slots have the maximum possible RTP (I have carefully checked it):

In any case, let me show you how to check the real RTP of any 2by2 Gaming slot by yourself. It is pretty much straightforward.

How to establish the real RTP of some 2by2 Gaming slots

Let’s take the Celtic Goddess slot as an example. It comes in two versions: 96.03% and 93.99% RTP.

To find out the RTP a particular 2by2 Gaming slot has at a particular online casino, you have to click on the question mark button.


Then scroll a bit to find the page with the RTP info.


Now you can see that at this casino the Celtic Goddess slot has the maximum available RTP. However, at some casinos, it will have a very different RTP value of 93.99%. That’s why you have to verify it.

Moreover, it must be done before each and every session because on the next day a casino can change the RTP.

Why you should never play 2by2 Gaming slots with an RTP of 94%

The difference between 94% and 96% is actually huge. Some people may mistakenly deem that’s only a tiny 2%, but they are completely wrong.

To better understand let’s see what these numbers mean. 96% means 4% house edge and 94% means 6% house edge. 6% is 1,5 times (or 50%) more than 4%. It follows that you are going to lose 50% faster.

So in reality the difference is really substantial.