Playamo refusing winnings

Casino: PlayAmo

Claim ammount: 2035 CAD

I have been a customer for over a yr at this casino and finally won and wanted to cash out. I submitted all documents required, some after several tries to get it right and they only approved 1 document and left the remainder in pending before they sent me an email claiming my winnings were confiscated due to having multiple accounts. I do not have multiple accounts btw.

I wrote them back for clarification and some proof of that and they stayed it was confidentially and account is to be closed. Of course I tried multiple methods such as chat and the vip of operations, whom by the way asked me to deposit money into her skrill account via email chat, of course I did not and thought extremely unprofessional for a VP. I am at a loss and very upset at the lack of responsibility and proof i asked for which they did not verify or were willing to discuss.

They opted to give me back my last deposit of 75.00 and confiscate all my winnings and have asked me to cash this sum out so they can close the account to which i have not yet as i am trying to fight this. I have only 1 account and have been a great monetary customer for a while now and sont deserve this treatment. From what i read online this is common practice for this casino, to just close accounts and claim multiple accounts , so fraud for no reason. I just want my winnings, which is significantly less than i have deposited over the time i have been a customer. Please help.

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