Online Casino Games with Best Odds to Win

Online Casino Games with Best Odds to Win in 2022

First of all, let’s agree on what we call “best online casino games in terms of odds to win”. There are two completely different approaches:

  • Some players call “games with the best chance of winning” the ones which pay the most in the long run, e.g. have the highest RTP (or payout percentage). Please keep in mind that lowest house edge games are exactly the same as highest RTP games as RTP and house edge are equal parameters. The only difference is how both get measured. Let’s say a game has a RTP of 98% then it means that the house edge of this game is 2%.

  • Another group of online casino players mean by “games with the best chance of winning” how frequently a game produces any winning, e.g. has the highest winning hit frequency. In this case the RTP (house edge) of a game is not taken into consideration.

Both approaches have the right to exist, I would say, as both RTP (house edge) and winning hit frequency are crucial parameters of any casino game.

Therefore, let’s make 2 separate lists of the best online casino games. In one list all games will be ranked by their RTP, and in another, by their winning hit frequency.


Best online casino games in terms of RTP (house edge)

  1. Online Blackjack: RTP 99,5% or House edge 0,5% given that a player uses the basic strategy.

  2. High RTP Online Slots: Book of 99 (99%), Mega Joker (99%), Jackpot 6000 (98,9%) Marching Legions (98,12%), Bloodsuckers (98%).

  3. Online Baccarat: RTP 98,94% or House edge 1,06% for Banker (Banco) bets and RTP 98.76% or House Edge 1.24% for Player (Punto) bets (different types of bets provide different RTP levels).

  4. Online French Roulette: RTP 98,65% or House edge 1,35%.

  5. Online Craps: RTP 98,64% or House edge 1,36%.

  6. Video Poker: 9/6 Jacks or Better (RTP 98,4-99,5% or House edge 0,5-1,6%).

  7. Online Casino Holdem: RTP 97,84% or House edge 2,16%.

  8. Online Pai Gow: RTP 97,5% or House edge 2,5% if a player sticks to the basic strategy.

  9. Online Caribbean Stud Poker: RTP 97,42% or House edge 2,58%.

  10. Online European Roulette: RTP 97,3% or House edge 2,7%.

  11. Online Sic Bo: RTP 97,22% or House edge 2,78% for big/small and odd/even bets.

  12. Online Scratch Cards: RTP 97% or House edge 3% at best.

  13. Online Dragon Tiger: RTP 96,72% or House edge 3,28%.

  14. Dream Catcher (Evolution): RTP 96,58% or House edge 3,42%.

  15. Monopoly Live (Evolution): RTP 96,23% or House edge 3,77%.

  16. Crazy Time (Evolution): RTP 96,08% or House edge 3,92%.

Best online casino games in terms of winning hit frequency

  1. Online Blackjack: 49,75% hit frequency if a player correctly applies the basic strategy.

  2. Online Pai Gow: 48,75% hit frequency if a player implements the basic strategy.

  3. Online Sic Bo: 48,61% hit frequency for big/small and odd/even bets.

  4. Online Roulette: 47,37% hit frequency for black/red, high/low and odd/even bets.

  5. High winning hit frequency Online Slots: Bloodsuckers (44,52%), Secrets of Atlantis (39%), Fruit Warp (40%), Bloodsuckers 2 (42,4%), Amazon Gold (47,36%).

Worst online casino games

As we have covered the best online casino games, I believe it is worth mentioning the worst online casino games so that you will be aware which games you should avoid.


Worst online casino games in terms of RTP (house edge)

  1. Online Sic Bo: RTP 70,08% or House edge 29,2% for Specific Double and Single bets.

  2. Low RTP Online Slots (can be as low as 84% or even worse): Clover Rollover (93,02%), The Link (93%), White King (92,35%).

  3. Online Craps: RTP 83,33% or House edge 16,67% for Any Seven bets.

  4. Online American Roulette: RTP 94,74% or House edge 5,26%.

  5. Online Baccarat: RTP 95,15% or House Edge 4,85%/ RTP 85,6% or House Edge 14,4% (depending on a particular casino) for Tie bets.

Worst online casino games in terms of winning hit frequency

  1. Online Sic Bo: 0,46% hit frequency for Specific Triple bets.

  2. Online Roulette: 2,63-2,7% hit frequency for any single number bets (for, example, on zero).

  3. Low hit frequency (extremely volatile) Online Slots (the hit frequency of such games can be as low as 5-10%).

  4. Online Baccarat: 9,6% hit frequency for Tie bets.

  5. Online Craps: 16,9% hit frequency for Any Seven bets.

Closing Thoughts

As you have probably noticed, some games (for example, Online Craps) fall into both best and worst games categories at the same time. How is it possible? Well, different types of best of such games provide different (very very different) RTP (house edge) numbers.

As a result, you need to be very careful with the types of bets you make on such games as: Craps, Baccarat and Sic Bo.

Some players get excited when they see on low quality websites that, let’s say, Craps comes with a RTP of 98,64%. They start making all available bets and get wrecked, because of terrible RTP of some bet types.