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SPigo: Best Casinos and Slots (2022)

Rating: 7.7

Established: 2006

Regulators: Denmark, Malta

Languages English
Restricted countries United States

Spigo is a licensed supplier of online casino gaming solutions from Denmark since 2006. Initially, the company specialised in producing social games and websites to host them on a B2C basis, i.e. directly for players. After 2012, the vector of their professional activities shifted towards cooperation with operators. The company developed its own gaming platform. It used state-of-the-art solutions at the time to increase its quality, scalability and integration speed. However, the provider did not stop and continued to improve its products with additional solutions and tools. For example, a proprietary tool called SpigoBuilder provides casino operators, betting shops, and other providers with perfectly executed slot machines.

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The provider is headquartered in Denmark. Over the last few years, offices have also been opened in Malta and Miami. This has enabled the company to expand its footprint in regulated markets. Spigo is subject to legislation in Malta and Denmark under licences issued by the regulatory authorities of those countries.

The studio's main activity is the integration of software for online casinos and the creation of casual games. In their portfolio, 55 such games were created until 2012 alone. Now the catalogue is much more extensive, but the proportion of online slots is critically low.

How I chose the best Spigo casinos

Choosing a reliable slot machine betting operator is quite a challenge. The reason for this problem lies in the fact that nowadays it is quite easy and inexpensive to set up a website. This has untied the hands of fraudsters who work to make money from players and collect personal data to use for illegal purposes. Such websites are not regulated by law, which means that customers are left unprotected.

To avoid this, I choose a reliable operator by several criteria:

  • A valid license. I check it personally on the online casino website. I pay special attention to its validity period and the types of games the casino owner is allowed to provide

  • Check the game library for the originality of the slots. The fact is that each studio has a single server. All of its games are streamed from it. Knowing the server address makes this quite easy. In addition, a reliable operator additionally certifies the library's game assortment

  • A good reputation. The operator should not be involved in any scandals

  • Pay attention to the security of the game site. In order to safeguard players' personal data, it must operate with the support of SSL encryption protocols. This technology guarantees players security and privacy

  • A good casino does not come up with complicated player identification schemes. All documents must be standard, and verification is quick

  • Support staff must do their job well. Promptness of response, round-the-clock schedule, knowledge and understanding of the rules of the gaming site, and professional communication with customers are important characteristics for a reliable online casino

  • The operator should offer a wide range of financial instruments, from bank cards to even cryptocurrency

  • Fast response to withdrawal requests and high limits - a guarantee of the casino's reliability

  • A wide selection of games. In addition to slots, other types of games should be present in the library, including progressive jackpots and live casino.

If you scrutinize a playground on these criteria, you increase your chances of being treated fairly by the operator.

Best SPigo Slots (Highest RTP/Payout %)

Disco Dance Online Slot Logo
RTP: 96.0% (Good)
Volatile: medium
Max win: x500
Starlight Online Slot Logo
RTP: 96.0% (Good)
Volatile: medium
Max win: x500
Showers CE Online Slot Logo
RTP: 96.0% (Good)
Volatile: medium
Max win: x500
Showers Online Slot Logo
RTP: 96.0% (Good)
Volatile: low
Max win: x500
Hattrick Online Slot Logo
RTP: 92.0%
Volatile: low
Max win: x600
Fruits Online Slot Logo
RTP: 92.0%
Volatile: medium-low
Max win: x600
Zoo Online Slot Logo
RTP: 92.0%
Volatile: medium-low
Max win: x1,068
Tropicana Online Slot Logo
RTP: 92.0%
Volatile: medium-low
Max win: x1,068
Tivoli Online Slot Logo
RTP: 92.0%
Volatile: medium-low
Max win: x750
Super Parrot Online Slot Logo
RTP: 92.0%
Volatile: medium
Max win: x500
SPigo Slot Name RTP % House Edge % Casinos List
Starlight 96.0 % 4.00 %
Showers 96.0 % 4.00 %
Tropicana 92.0 % 8.00 %
Hat Trick 92.0 % 8.00 %
Tivoli 92.0 % 8.00 %
Fruits 92.0 % 8.00 %
Zoo 92.0 % 8.00 %
Diamonds 86.0 % 14.00 %

Spigo Slots

There are only 10 online slots in the Spigo portfolio. Despite their small number, they are in high demand. Moreover, those who have played their games at least once look forward to the releases.

The operator hasn't come up with anything special, offering its users the standard number of reels. 6 of the provider's 7 slot machines have a 54 grid, with the remaining slot having a 53 field and 10 paylines both ways. The maximum number of paylines is found on multiple slot machines. There are 178 of them.

The minimum bet on their products is 0.01 coins, and the maximum bet can be as high as 100 coins. However, this is only true for two of the slot machines. The others support a maximum line bet of 17.8 coins.

To play the company's slots, select the number of paylines you want, choose your stake for each line and press the 'Spin' button. None of the models support fast play mode, but you can easily set autoplay. You can end this mode with the 'Auto stop' button.

Spigo Slots RTP

Every experienced player, before playing a video slot of interest, pays attention to its RTP level. It shows what percentage of your bet can return to you in the long run, and what goes into the operator's wallet. Keep in mind, however, that a set RTP does not guarantee you an unconditional return on that amount. It shows that with a long game you can return this amount. And how many spins to do this is impossible to predict. It may be 10, 100 or 200 spins.

Most online games have an RTP of 96%. If the RTP is less than 90, however, it is hardly worthy of consideration. Understanding the importance of this parameter, Spigo offers an average RTP of 92-96% in its products.

Best 5 Spigo Slots of All RTP

From the provider's small portfolio, the top 5 games with the highest returns and maximum winnings per bet can be singled out:

  • Starlight (RTP 96% and maximum pool of 500,000 coins)

  • Showers with an RTP of 96% and a maximum slot jackpot of 5,000 coins

  • Hat Trick maintains a player refund rate of 92% and maximum winnings of up to 99,840 coins

  • Tropicana and Zoo have a steady RTP of 92% and a maximum winning of 10,680 coins

  • Tivoli and Fruit also have the same characteristics - RTP 92%, the pool of 60 coins.

Spigo Slots List

As mentioned above, there are only 10 online casino video slots in the provider's portfolio. Starting from 2016 and until 2019, the company released an average of 2 slot machines each, after which it stopped their development for a while. Currently, the company has plans to create several more video slots for remote gambling sites.

This slowness and unwillingness to develop in the field of video slot creation prevents them from competing with other providers in a worthy manner. However, we remember that their work is aimed at creating casual games. We are willing to forgive them for this shortcoming because all their products are of high quality.

Fairness of Spigo Slots

Spigo is a company that cares about its reputation. The licenses from the regulatory authorities in Malta and Denmark are an eloquent testament to this. In addition, the provider is proud to say that all its products are tested by one of the most reputable international laboratories, iTechLabs. Thus, the company's customers get a safe and honest product.

Spigo Slots Features

Thanks to their unique tools, many bonus features can be incorporated into the company's products. That's why every game in their portfolio has a large number of both standard and interesting features:

  • Wild (Showers)

  • Scatter (Zoo)

  • Respin (Starlight)

  • Starburst mechanics (Starlight)

  • Bonus symbol (Tropicana)

  • Substitution symbol (Fruits)

  • Free spins (Tropicana)

  • Jackpot (Zoo)

  • Multipliers (Showers)

  • The Tivoli video slot offers many bonus symbols. For example, Bonus wheel, Pick Objects (Bonus game), symbol collection (Energy), etc.

Can I play Spigo games on mobile devices?

Since the new turn in the company's history (2012), the company has switched to more modern technology. This also applies to the integration of their software on different platforms. Thanks to the use of HTML5 layout, it is possible to use their game models on mobile devices Android, iOS. The main prerequisite for this is internet access.

Sound and Graphics of Spigo slots

The lack of consistent experience in video slot production is quite noticeable. Players should not expect three-dimensional graphics and various special effects. At the same time, you have to hand it to them - their products hold their own decently in these matters. The theme of the slot is fully revealed by the well-chosen music.


Final thoughts

The biggest drawback that can be noted in Spigo's products is the low production rate. This can be put down to the fact that the company is predominantly concerned with creating social games and creating unique products to better integrate software into gaming platforms. Despite this, their careful approach to developing their video slots means that they have interesting bonus and prize features that allow you to play with excitement.

Chief editor: Dmitrii Stevenson