my account was blocked illegally

Casino: Mostbet

Claim ammount: 1864 Bitcoin

on Dec 2020 i was first restricted from betting activities and from withdrawing from my account with the reasons that my account need to be verified which I did on 28th Dec 2020. After some weeks on Jan 2021 my account was totally blocked with the reason that I defaulted according to clause 2.5.

I have read the clause over and over again and i didnt default in any rules on there, i played all my bets according to rules and regulation of the company . i need my account to be unblocked and my funds released please; i dont want to believe that a company like mostbet scammed me off my fund please because am sure the have no reason to block me .

Other complaints related to Mostbet:

I have made a request to them to delete my account, and they have not responded, instead they are


October 10, 2020