I have made a request to them to delete my account, and they have not responded, instead they are

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I have contacted the "Mostbet.com" (Company name: Bizbon N.V ; license number 8048/JAZ) and I have requested them , by chat to make a correction to my "date of birth" in the personal info page.

I have stated to them that I have "just updated manually" my personal info page about 10 minutes before contacting them (the technical support) by chat, because I have updated my first and last name, my city of residence , my nickname and my date of birth. But, 5 minutes after updating the personal info, I did a "sign out", and exactly in purpose of checking if all info I entered was saved correctly, I signed IN about 2 minutes after. I entered the "personal info" page, browsed-and there I saw that the date of birth was INCORRECT. I have entered 27.12.1985, and after those 7 minutes when I signed out and then signed in to check- I saw that my date of birth was 26.12.1985(!!)

My guess is that they done it on purpose so that my d.o.b in the site sould not be the same as in the documents which they shall request me to send them in the event that I request a big payout, and THHIS way they can REFUSE the payout with good REASONING(because account hacked, wrong info, etc).

I contacted then the "technical support" when I saw this mistake, and asked them to explain to me why and how the change to the D.o.B was made, because I have entered it CORRECYLY just "about 10 minutes ago", and they replied that in order to change it I must state my account number, my name,and send them various documents with which I registered to the website(they requested a photo of my passport and also of picture of me holding the passport) .

I have replied to them that I have not registered to the site by passport, nor have I been asked by them to provide any passport upon registration or when "filling in" the personal info just those 10 minutes ago,, because I have made the registration to the site about a year ago only using the PHONE NUMBER, thus the is no passport number or passport copy which was provided to them.

I have told that the only document number that u have written in the "personal info " page is the driving license number that I have written(without providing them a copy/picture of it" , since it was not requested nor during registration nor during the info update that I did (because it is not requested, in the site you only need to fill "document number", as ANY DOCUMENT(it does not specify which document they request in the personsl info, so I just wrote the driving license number, like just in case in future if they request it I thought I'll just give them my driving license number or picture and that shall be enough)

But, to my surprise, in the chat with the "technical" support, an operator named "Britney" continued to insist that in order to change the date of birth in my personal info pzge- I MUST submit a photo of my passport with which I registered, photo of me holding the passport, my account number Nd name with which I registered.

I have told her that I did not register with passport, that I only provided the telephone number upon registration (because by the phone number o ly I registered the account on the site). I tried to explain this again and again, but to no avail, because she kept sending messages that looked like automated response,(she was answering with russian words but SRITTEN in English letters-looked very unproffesional) and insisted that I need to send the photos of the document with which i registered, and photo of me holding the document, and some detailed instructions which I could not understand because the Russian language written by English letters(i understand Russian, but not when written in english letters and very incorrectly and in misunderstood manner (probably on purpose) Finally i hVe sent viz the chat my drivers license, and picture of me holding it, but she kept giving automated response that said " that you have not provided the requested info, and that our chat has become a cyclic conversation" and so it will be shut down if the requested info/pictures are not sent.

These automated responses made me very upset, Nd so I wrote that I wNt my account to be CLOSED and deleted immediately!

To thus, Britney has responded that I must contact the "help desk" (that I just could not find, as there is only link to "technical support"). I have asked her again that I want to close the account and need assistance in it, Nd the response came again automated that" you've been provided with all relevant information, our conversation has taken s cyclic manner, if the info is not provided the chat will be closed". This just has infuriated me their lack of assistance, lack of response, even to s simple request to close my account. It is just that the technical support seems to not be able or not willing to support in any manner, and I see that even closing my account I am not able, and so I decided to find online who and how can help me , and here I am filing this complaint against them, just like I warned this "technical supportitian" Brigney that I will do if I dont receive assistance from them. Please help me resolve this problem and delete the zffofmdntioned account. The lack of support and respect t by mostbet.com for their clients is just appalling and co.pletdly intolerable.

I do not know if they are even a scam or a legit site, but they do have a picture of your antillephone company and license number, though if you in fact know that they really do not hold any license of yours and just unlawfully put the trademark of it in there do let me know.

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January 20, 2021