Free Spins as a Promotion Type at Online Casinos

Free Spins as a Promotion Type at Online Casinos

From the very beginning, Free spins have two completely different meanings in the online gambling industry:

In this article we are going to cover Free spins having the second meaning so that you will learn:

  • How Free spins work and what’s special about this promo

  • Can you win and withdraw real money derived from Free spins bonus

  • Wager requirement and withdrawal limits for Free spins winnings, and much more

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Full list of Free spins bonuses

What are Free spins as a promotion type

Free spins as a promotion type means that a casino player gets a certain number of spins (usually somewhere around 20-150) on a particular online slot (or might be many slots).

A casino has already paid for these spins (that’s why it is called free) so that a player does not need to risk his/her own money.

At the same time, these Free spins are not demo/fun money. It is real money (usually worth 0.10-0.25 EUR per spin) meaning that you can win real money using Free spins as well.

Sounds cool right? And actually it is most of the time. Anyway let’s dive a bit deeper.

What makes Free spins special


  • Often included in a welcome bonus package at online casinos nowadays

  • Most of the time Free spins can be played only on a particular slot (or some limited number of slots)

  • A player does not need to wager his/her own real money

  • Wager requirement for the winnings derived from Free spins is often applied

  • There are always some withdrawal limits for the winnings derived from Free spins

  • Free spins might be given without making a deposit (called no-deposit Free spins bonus)

How to get Free spins promo?

If an online casino provide players Free spins, then it can be implemented in these two ways:

  • Automatically. A player does not need to do anything as Free spins will be issued and available once a player has claimed this bonus.

  • A player needs to manually activate Free spins. It often can be done via the player's account, usually in the “bonus” or “free spins” section.

Please keep in mind that if a casino has got the second approach, then there is basically always some period of time during which you have to manually activate Free spins (usually 1 day). If you fail to activate Free spins during the given timeframe, then this bonus will be gone.

How Free spins can be issued to players

There are two different approaches to this process:

  • All Free spins are credited to the player’s account in full at once. Let’s say a casino gives players 100 Free spins. In this case all 100 Free spins are available and can be used right away.

  • Free spins are credited to the player’s account in batches. For example, a player is provided with 100 Free spins, then at such casinos these Free spins will be divided in 5 (sometimes 10) equal batches and will be issued during the next 5 (10) days. This tactic is used to make you come back and play more.

Active period of Free spins bonus

As you might already know, all bonuses at online casinos have got some active period, only during which these bonuses can be used.

The same is true for Free spins bonus. The only difference is that the active period for Free spins is often smaller than it is set for other bonuses (cash money bonuses in particular).

For example, if a casino gives new players a first deposit bonus which includes 100 EUR cash bonus and 100 free spins, it is often the case that cash bonus will have, let’s say, 30 days active period, whereas Free spins might be active only during 3 days. So keep it in mind and plan your sessions accordingly.

Can you win real money on Free spins bonus at online casinos?

As we have discussed earlier, Free spins imply that, even if it is called free, slot rounds go using real money, which a casino has paid instead of you.

As a result, all winnings derived from Free spins are nothing but real money as well so the answer is yes, you can definitely win real money.

Can you withdraw real money

At the majority of online casinos you can withdraw real money acquired during Free spins. However, there are some rules:

  • First, basically at all online casinos Free spins winnings must be wagered before you can withdraw.

  • Then there are always some withdrawal limits for the winnings derived from Free spins.

  • And last, some online casinos require some real money deposit before you can withdraw winnings derived from no-deposit Free spins.

Let’s talk about each requirement in more detail.

Wager requirement for Free spins winnings

Wager requirement is a pretty normal thing to have when it comes to all online casino bonuses. Free spins are no exception.

Before you can withdraw winnings derived from Free spins, you have to play the winning sun through some number of times. Usually it is x35-x50.

For example, let’s say you have won 100 EUR from Free spins and the wager is x40. Then you need to make 100 EUR x 40 = 4,000 EUR bets before you can request a real money withdrawal.

Also worth mentioning here that wager for Free spins can be different from what it is for cash money bonus. For example, for cash money bonus it can be x40, whereas for Free spins x50. So check out the Free spins wager separately.

Withdrawal limits for Free spins winnings

It is a very common practice at online casinos to set some withdrawal limits for the winnings acquired during Free spins.

At the majority of legit online casinos you can only withdraw 50-100 EUR when it comes to winnings derived from Free spins.

For example, if you win 1,000 EUR using a Free spins bonus, and a casino has 100 EUR withdrawal limit, then you will be able to withdraw only 100 EUR.

Please keep in mind that this rule is only applied to Free spins winnings. Winnings derived from cash bonus do not have withdrawal limits (only wager requirement) as a rule of thumb.

Types of Free spins bonuses:

  • A part of welcome bonus when Free spins are included in a first deposit bonus package along with cash bonus money.

  • No-deposit Free spins bonus when a player gets only Free spins.

  • Reload Free spins bonus when you have already been a client of some casino for some time, and a casino would like to make you come back with such an offer.

  • Birthday Free spins bonus is another common thing at online casinos.

  • Holidays Free spins bonuses.

What about no-deposit Free spins bonus?

Some online casinos, to attract new customers, give away Free spins just for registration. It is called no-deposit Free spins bonus, and it is different from Free spins that you get in a welcome package.

No-deposit Free spins bonus usually have a much lower withdrawal limit.

On top of that, most of the time you need to deposit real money before you can withdraw.

Some other interesting facts about Free spins

  • Usually worth 0.10-0.25 EUR per spin

  • In some jurisdictions (like Sweden) players can’t get Free spins bonus

  • Some online casinos give away Free spins if a player simply passes KYC

Are Free spins legit as a bonus?

Yes, Free spins is a legit promotion at online casinos. Moreover, at the majority of online casinos nowadays it is an inherent part of the promo portfolio.

You are risking nothing by taking Free spins bonus so it can’t do any harm. But the cool thing is that you can win some extra money with Free spins though it is true that not all this money can be cashed out.


Free spins bonus is getting more and more traction in the online gambling industry for a good reason for that. Free spins simply bring more fun to the table that’s why it is becoming the gold standard for casinos to have it.