Cyprus gambling commission

The Gambling Commission of Cyprus

Authority: 5.9

The Government of Cyprus has been issued online casino licenses since 2012. Until then, gambling was prohibited within the territory of Cyprus.

The rules and restrictions required by Cyprus authorities are not so strict as other well-known controlling bodies settle, though it has some fairly strict demands, in contrast to the least trustworthy companies.

There is too little information about solving the problems by the Cypriot government, so it’s hard to estimate the quality of its operation.

Due to this fact, I just can judge Cyprus jurisdiction on the basis of data that its under-controlled casinos allow players from US play on cash, even though it's restricted by US government, which is not a great strategy for the company striving to be considered as a trustworthy one.

Summarizing, Cyprus is not the most reliable organization, but it has potential if its supervision will be more strict over time.

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Phone +357 226 02723
Address Michael Karaoli & Gregori Afxentiou, 1439 Nicosia, Cyprus

Chief editor: Dmitrii Stevenson