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Sigma: Best Casinos and Slots (2022)

Rating: 8.6

Established: 2014

Regulators: United Kingdom

Languages English
Restricted countries United States

Sigma Gaming is a premium developer of games for online casinos. The company is focused mostly on B2B services. It was established in 2014 by two successful members of the market, Kevin McGovern and James Ramshaw.

The main office of the company is located in the United Kingdom.

So, it is a pretty young and prospective provider that is led by experienced managers who have their own vision of the provider’s development. Actually, these managers establish high standards regarding all processes of the company’s activity.

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Today, Sigma Gaming has a license from the most respected regulatory body on the market - the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. It means that the players can play their games without additional concerns about the safety and transparency of these games.

Speaking about products that were released by the provider, there are not so many slots made by Sigma Gaming you are able to find on the market. It has released just about 15 slot games to date.

Its catalogue consists exclusively of slot games. So, if you prefer scratch cards or table games like Poker, Baccarat and others, you’d better find games created by other providers.

Unfortunately, the information about the staff of the company is not given on the official website of Sigma Gaming.

I just found the info about the founders of the company. So, Kevin McGovern has had more than 25 years of experience in the gambling field. He can be called a successful games designer and senior manager. And James Ramshaw has had more than 10 years of experience in the gambling games sector. He was a Director of Barcrest Group Ltd. He can boast of his exceptional strategic vision and management abilities.

Let’s consider all business processes of Sigma Gaming in the following chapters.

Here, on this page, you can see the list of casinos that offer Sigma Gaming slots. Of course, there are not so many options that you have but they exist.

Usually, I choose carefully the casinos that can be recommended to my readers. The following criteria I used to make this list:

  • trustworthiness of a casino. This criterion can be verified by checking all the websites with the reviews of the players about a certain casino. Also, the big scandals and reputable issues can’t be omitted if they took place.

  • valid license. If a casino has a valid license from a trusted regulatory body, a player is able to relax and have fun playing new slots.

  • the software’s validity. All games have to be RNG-based. If a casino offers the games of a provider with a controversial reputation that doesn’t use the services of third-party companies, it’s better for you to avoid such a casino.

  • high level of security. The players’ accounts have to be well-secured. For example, a casino can use special encryption like SSL protocol.

  • it’s easy to pass the Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure. This procedure allows a casino to verify a client’s identity. The faster and more convenient this procedure is, the better the players’ gaming experience and their general satisfaction with the game.

  • promotions. A casino has to offer good promotions like bonuses and FreeSpins.

  • variety of deposit/withdrawal methods. If a casino doesn’t offer a wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods, you’d better find another casino.

  • the withdrawal/deposit policy is reasonable. For instance, a player has to have an opportunity to withdraw at least 40,000 EUR per month.

  • big library of games. A big library of the games gives to a player a chance to find the game(s) that will fit him/her maximally.

  • user-friendly website of a casino. If a website is slow and too complicated, it may become a reason why your gaming experience will be ruined.

Please, don’t hesitate to borrow this list of criteria, it can help you to choose the best casino possible by yourself.

Best Sigma Slots (Highest RTP/Payout %)

Attic Treasure Online Slot Logo
RTP: 95.5%
Volatile: medium
Max win: x2,000
The Jewel Thief Online Slot Logo
RTP: 95.1%
Volatile: medium
Max win: x2,500
Gringos Dineros Online Slot Logo
RTP: 95.1%
Volatile: medium
Max win: x2,500
Roll Em Roll Em Online Slot Logo
RTP: 95.0%
Volatile: medium
Max win: x2,000
Golden Money Frog Online Slot Logo
RTP: 95.0%
Volatile: medium-low
Max win: x500

Sigma Slots RTP

We always consider Return To Player (RTP) coefficients of the provider’s slots. What do we need this information for? It shows how much money out of our deposit we get back over a long distance. It is not bad if the RTP is low because it can mean that the slot is highly volatile and you get a chance to win life-changing money. And such slots can’t have a high level of RTP.

As for the RTP of Sigma Gaming, the average RTP of its slots is lower than 95%. In comparison, an average RTP on the market is between 96%-97%. So, the average RTP of Sigma’s slots is obviously lower than an average RTP on the market.

Nevertheless, its slots offer big possible winnings. And they continue to be appealing to those players who prefer high-risk games.

The provider doesn’t offer high-RTP slots at all. The Pick a Fortune slot has the highest RTP among all provider’s slots which is 95.79%. Even though it is a very low coefficient, if you want to get a big win, you have to risk and try your luck.

The provider creates about 2-3 games per year. But we couldn’t see the results of its activity during the last couple of years. So, we will hope the company will continue to make high-quality games in the future.

As for progressive slots in Sigma Gaming’s catalogue, they can be found in the games of the developer. For instance, HiLo Roller gives you an opportunity to win a progressive jackpot.

The slots' features

The most popular games of the provider are the following: HiLo Roller, Lucky Fairy, Pick a Fortune and Golden Money frog. All of them offer pretty big possible winnings. Besides, they are featured with lots of different bonuses and special symbols.

So, Golden Money Frog offers such features as Bonus wheel, Bonus Game: Pick Objects, FreeSpins, Jackpot and Wild. Isn’t it a very exciting game? The Bonus wheel is supposed to bring you a mandatory prize. A Bonus game looks like a Money pond bonus that contains the leaves of different colors that have to be chosen by you. Every leaf is able to bring you money.

Among the other features that can be found in Sigma's games are the Lucky six feature and the Lucky roll bonus. They are offered in the Rollem Rollem slot. So, if you roll a 6, it will award you with additional bonuses.

Moreover, HiLo Roller games offer their own unique features including Multilevel Jackpot. The Progressive jackpot can be won during the gameplay.

All these and many other features are offered in the games of the Sigma Gaming provider.

Security and fairness

Sigma Gaming has a license from one of the most stringent authorities, the GB Gambling Commission. It means that all its games are checked regularly and can be considered trustworthy.

As for third-party agencies, I suppose that Sigma Gaming should involve them in the validation of the RNG of its games.

Besides, the developer has lots of very famous partners like Microgaming, Pariplay, Leander, Gts, Openbet and others. Due to the fact that such big companies have a reputation that can’t be tainted by controversial relationships, it confirms the provider’s trustworthiness as well.

I didn’t find the reputational issues related to the provider’s business.

Sound and graphics

The graphics of the games are supposed to be appealing to gamers, especially today. Due to this fact, the user demands not only high quality and transparency but also the user-friendliness of the interface, smooth gaming experience and perfect graphics of the games. This is the reality of the competitive modern world.

So, let’s elaborate on the graphics of the games of Sigma Gaming. It is bright, innovative-looking and surely appealing to different types of players.

Even though the last games of the provider were released in 2019, all of them look modern. I’ll repeat that if we speak about its features, they can compete with the latest slots of the most famous providers.

The sound of the slot games is well-made. It is certainly not annoying. Moreover, due to the fact that the company’s founders have lots of experience in the gambling field, they tried to create something very appealing in all aspects.

Mobile compatibility

As it is said on the official website of the company, all the games have been released in HTML5 only. So, they can be represented on all major global platforms including mobile ones.

So, its games are compatible with such operating systems as Android, Ios, Microsoft and others. The users can open the games from anywhere in the world.

Company’s history and perspectives

Considering the history of the company, it was established in 2014 in the United Kingdom. It started to grow and develop in a pretty fast way.

For a half of a decade, it has made about 15 high-quality games that offer a big number of exciting features, jackpots and a good gaming experience in general.

The following games have been released: HiLo Roller, Lucky fairy, Golden money frog, Kites Kingdom, Tower Treasure and others.

The founders of the provider have had a successful experience in making slot games for the online gaming industry. So, today, their games for Sigma Gaming can be called innovative and well-implemented.

Also, the company has made some partnerships with popular gaming members like Microgaming and Pariplay.

It has got the license of the UKGC. Now it releases only transplant RNG-based games for its clients.

It is a young company with good prospects. Even though it stopped producing the games in 2019, it probably pays more attention to its B2B services. And we will wait for its new releases in the future.


Summing up, Sigma Gaming is a company that designs games for different jurisdictions, has a high level of security and can boast good partners.

Its advantages are the high quality of the graphics and sound, big possible winnings, progressive jackpots, numerous cool features, mobile-friendliness and experienced management that can make up new successful ideas and strategies.

The disadvantages of the company are the low level of an average RTP, lack of high RTP slots, quite small library of the games and the fact that the company stopped making new slot games in 2019.

I liked the slots of Sigma Gaming, their graphics and the diversity of the features. Even though they would fit mostly to people who prefer high-risk games with bigger possible winnings, I could recommend them to all my readers.

Reviewed by: Dmitrii Barca