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Rating: 7.4

Established: 2016


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Restricted countries United States

Nucleus Gaming is quite a mysterious member of the gambling industry. It is known that the company was established in 2016, and to date, it has developed lots of modern-looking slots and table games. Moreover, I surely praise the graphics and design decisions of these slots, they are spectacular.

Unfortunately, we don’t know an average RTP of the provider’s slots and can’t say what exact jurisdiction is its licensor. In fact, Nucleus Gaming even doesn’t have an official page on LinkedIn. And it doesn't provide this information on its own website.

Though, at first it seems that we can clearly see how cool its slots and other games are and how the company’s creators try to focus on content instead of marketing ploys on social media.

By the way, Nucleus gaming is a very young provider that has been on the market just several years. So, we have to monitor its further moves to make a complete conclusion regarding its business.

As a result, we don’t know how many people work in the company and what the country of its origin is.

Nonetheless, we know that there are more than 100 games created by the provider to date. It means that it releases at least 20 games per year. And such results surely can be called impressive. Besides, it has different table games in its portfolio like Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat, Hi-Lo, Roulette and many more.

Here you are able to see a list of casinos that offer slot games of the Nucleus Gaming provider. The criteria I used to choose them are the following:

  • Good reputation of the casino which means that it is well-known on the market and considered a trustworthy company.

  • A valid license. It will be even better if this license or licenses would be issued by a reputable jurisdiction.

  • The quality of graphics is top-notch. This criterion is actually less meaningful than others but it tells us about a casino’s responsible attitude to the implementation of all aspects of its business.

  • Fast way of communication. It is important because a user can have a problem that is supposed to be solved via a chat or another way of communication very quickly.

  • Promotions that a casino offers to its clients. It is one of the most significant aspects for the players who want to get additional bonuses that make even unsuccessful gameplay pretty satisfying.

  • Know Your Customer procedure is quite simple to pass. Nobody wants to answer lots of questions when he/she has a mood to gamble. I suppose it is an obvious explanation.

  • The withdrawal policy conditions have to be acceptable to players. It is better if the time of transaction would be fast and methods that are offered would be diverse and convenient for different types of players.

So, this list is able to help you as well, if you want to make your own listing of favourite casinos in the future. Just remember that the most significant criterion after all is the trustworthiness of a casino.

Top RTP % Nucleus slots

Totems of Fortune Online Slot Logo
RTP: 94.0 %

Due to the fact that Nucleus Gaming doesn’t offer information about its business and even information about RTP of most of its slots, an average RTP can’t be identified.

A list of high RTP slots can’t be given as well. Though, RTP of some slots is known. For instance, HoHoCash has an RTP of 95% which is not as high as it could be especially when its maximum possible winning is only x1000.

Nucleus Gaming has been releasing about 14 slot games per year counting on its library consisting of about 70 slots.

I couldn’t find slots with a progressive jackpot in the catalogue of the games of this provider.

Security and fairness

As I’ve mentioned above, there is almost no information about Nucleus Gaming on the internet including its own website. And it’s impossible to assess it somehow. The info about the controlling body, license and testing agency is just not given, and consequently, it is not known.

Nevertheless, it can be claimed that most of the slot games that can be found in the library of Nucleus Gaming are almost complete clones of slot games of Betsoft provider. You can compare Geppetto’s toy shop by Nucleus and Pinocchio by Betsoft, or Freaky Frankenstein by Nucleus and Frankenslot’s monster, and many other slots of these providers.

What can this information mean? I’m only able to make an assumption that this provider belongs to Betsoft’s owners, or it has its license at least. But it is just a guess. And it is impossible to say anything relatively this question till some statements will be made by Betsoft representatives.

Sound and graphics

As for sound and graphics, I’ll repeat that they have top-notch quality. I tried lots of the provider’s games, and I liked its vivid and bright animation. In fact, the music which is used in the slot games is well-chosen and makes players even more satisfied with the games.

I’ll mention that it’s hard to assess the quality of themes which the company offers because they are the same that the other company (Betsoft) already used in the past.

Mobile compatibility

The games of the provider are mobile compatible. They are made on the base of HTML5 technology, and can be used on any portable device like your smartphone and tablet.

Company history

So, let’s repeat, Nucleus Gaming is a very young company which was established in 2016. And nowadays it has a big library of diverse games including video slots and table games. So far, more than 100 games have been released by the provider.

There is no information about valid license or history of the company on its official website.

It is obvious that the games of the company are similar to the games of Betsoft (they are actually clones). And it is unknown what relationships between these two providers.

Hope, in the nearest feature the situation is clarified.


In conclusion, I would say that Nucleus Gaming is not a usual provider. Moreover, I have lots of questions about a number of aspects of its business.

It can be certainly claimed that it is quite a young provider that makes good-quality slots and table games. Its library of games is really big. And features that are used in these games are innovative and fascinating.

So, let’s consider the pros and cons of Nucleus Gaming provider. Among its pros are well-performed graphics and a wide selection of the games which is always good for a player.

The provider’s disadvantages are lack of information and the fact that most of its games are copies of the games of the Betsoft provider.

Summing up, despite the fact the games of Nucleus Gaming are good, I would take a close look at this provider. In view of what is known, it is important to monitor the company’s further development, and maybe we’ll find out more about it.