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NeoGames: Best Casinos and Slots (2024)

Rating: 8.2

Established: 2005

Regulators: United Kingdom

Languages English
Restricted countries United States

NeoGames was launched in 2005 in Tel Aviv as a developer of iLottery solutions and services to national and state-regulated lotteries.

It has been on the market for more than 15 years, and now it can be called a global leader of iLottery market.

Currently, the size of the company is quite big, about 300 employees work in the company on an ongoing basis.

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As for video slot games, the company became a pioneer in the online instant games market. It makes the games that include diverse innovations and engaging features which makes them appealing to all player segments.

Besides slot games, the company also make releases of Scratch cards, Lotto games and Keno. All games of this provider look up-to-date. They have inspirational designs, illustrations and graphic elements. For instance, you can take a look at the Savanna Adventures slot that offers an exciting Safari trip where you can meet wild animals and even wilder prizes.

In fact, the other types of games like Top Shot Keno game also represent an innovative look at traditional Keno games.

To sum up, the games of NeoGames provider are going to be liked by the players who prefer to try and explore something new and special.

The list of top casinos that offer the games of NeoGames provider is represented on this page. I made this list of casinos with the help of the following criteria:

  • trustworthiness of a casino. All reviews of different players have to be positive.

  • valid license. The license is given by a reliable jurisdiction approves that a casino can be considered worthy of playing at.

  • approved software. The games of NeoGames have to be RNG-based.

  • high-level security. A casino must use special encryption.

  • responsive customer service. 24/7 Live chat should be offered.

  • easy to pass the Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure. This procedure is a part of registration and it doesn’t have to block the way to the gameplay time.

  • good promotions are offered. For instance, Free spins, promotions include a first deposit bonus and a high-rollers bonus.

  • variety of deposit/withdrawal methods like bank cards, prepaid cards, cryptocurrencies and so on.

  • reasonable deposit/withdrawal policy. It has to be checked before start playing.

  • a wide library of games. The bigger library of the games, the more satisfied players.

  • user-friendly website. The interface of a casino’s website has o be manageable for different types of users.

All these criteria have to be checked if you want to find the most trustworthy casinos where you can play. Though, instead, you can use the list of casinos that I made especially for you.

NeoGames online casino websites

B2B clients of this award-winning company are based in North America and Europe. The management team has been using all the best iGaming and iLottery solutions since 2005 to ensure that their multi-purpose platform remains one of the leading and most efficient. Operators point to the in-house account management system, payment gateway, ability to analyse data, open integration level and more as advantages of working with the studio. Along with the operator, casino customers also benefit from such cooperation:

  • Round-the-clock support allows issues to be resolved within minutes rather than hours, as is often the case

  • Full protection of financial transactions and fastest withdrawals thanks to the payment gateway

  • The ability to set their limits within the framework of responsible play

  • The playground is fully compliant with all iGaming requirements

  • A variety of promotions and a game catalog.

Most casino visitors choose slot machines with a visual click. They think that intuition and pretty design are bound to lead them to victory. This may be the case, but it is more a matter of chance than an expected outcome. For those who don't agree with that approach, there is the option of taking your luck into your own hands. Be demanding in the game, and then the maximum winnings will come to you even faster. Put the RTP at the forefront as your main requirement. The chances of getting a large sum as a win are directly tied to the payout set by the provider. The higher it is, the more chances you have to walk away in a good mood and with money.

NeoGames online casino bonuses and promos

A casino with a provider's software provides the possibility for new customers to receive an incentive sign up bonus. As you probably realise, it's provided for those who step up to a new gaming platform and create an account. This is quite a responsible step. In today's world full of cheating and fraud, many players are afraid to face it. To show their openness towards players and provides a registration bonus. You need to activate it and wager it without breaking the established rules. You can also decline the offer and just play NeoGames slots.

In the world of gambling, many users love bonuses, promotions and other types of rewards. The reason for this is the simplicity of receiving them and the opportunity to extend the pleasure of playing for money without investing your own money. At NeoGames Casino, there are VIP programs, Tournaments, Races, Deposit bonuses, Cashback, Reload bonuses and much more for our customers. The amount and type of reward are determined solely by the marketing expectations of the operator.

How to play at NeoGames casinos

The first thing you should do when you want to spin a slot machine provider is to find a comfortable gaming environment, with fair payouts, guaranteed payouts, and quality service. Unfortunately, finding such a place is not easy and requires considerable effort. Now you can do it easier - choose any casino from the list I created. These are proven brands, from which you can not expect a catch.

With registration, open your account. You will use it to make financial transactions, monitor incoming funds, withdraw funds, and track active bonuses. Fill in the application form with information that you can confirm. Your name, surname, and residence address must not be spelled incorrectly. After registration confirms your identity via KYC. This procedure is present in all licensed casinos, so be prepared for it at all times. Document verification takes some time.

As soon as you are informed that you have been verified, proceed to top up your account. There is a "cash register" in your account for this purpose. You can use the money you receive both for a bonus and to play the developer's slot machines for money. To make finding them less time-consuming, take advantage of the game library's extra options.

NeoGames casinos FAQ

Are NeoGames casinos safe?

Yes. A gambling site must create a safe environment for its customers. It is noteworthy that such sites become a reference point for the developer for long-term cooperation. SSL encryption is used for financial and personal protection - the most effective tool in the fight against illegal intrusion into a gambling site.

Are there mobile NeoGames casinos?

Yes, the casinos are adaptable to all screen sizes, all smartphone operating systems and even all devices. This allows players to keep their finger on the pulse and be among the first to participate in new casino promotions.

Can I play NeoGames games for real money?

Yes. Several dozen of the world's biggest currencies, from USD to JPY, are available to you. To play for real money, take care to choose a reliable site. In this case, you'll get the original NeoGames software that guarantees fair results.

Best NeoGames Slots (Highest RTP/Payout %)

Reel Bandits Online Slot Logo
RTP: 96.0% (Good)
Volatile: high
Max win: x10,000
Love Struck Online Slot Logo
RTP: 95.0%
Volatile: high
Max win: x5,100
Savanna Advetures Online Slot Logo
RTP: 95.0%
Volatile: medium-high
Max win: x5,000
Enchanted Winnings Online Slot Logo
RTP: 95.0%
Volatile: high
Max win: x5,033
Redeem the Dream Online Slot Logo
RTP: 94.0%
Volatile: medium
Max win: x4,000
Sweet Crush Online Slot Logo
RTP: 94.0%
Volatile: high
Max win: x5,000
Mighty Sphinx Online Slot Logo
RTP: 93.0%
Volatile: medium-high
Max win: x4,000
NeoGames Slot Name RTP % House Edge % Casinos List
Ocean Pearls 96.0 % 4.00 %
Football Frenzy 96.0 % 4.00 %
Ice Land 96.0 % 4.00 %
Lucky Machines 96.0 % 4.00 %
Monte Carlo 96.0 % 4.00 %
Ready, Set, Go! 96.0 % 4.00 %
Reel Bandits 96.0 % 4.00 %
Sakura Garden 96.0 % 4.00 %
Sky of Love 96.0 % 4.00 %
S.M.I.L.E. 96.0 % 4.00 %
Dino 96.0 % 4.00 %
Redeem the Dream 96.0 % 4.00 %
Happy Birthday 96.0 % 4.00 %
Love Struck 96.0 % 4.00 %
Sweet Crush 96.0 % 4.00 %
Quick 6 96.0 % 4.00 %
Prince of Hearts 96.0 % 4.00 %
Fruity Cubes 96.0 % 4.00 %
Shamrock Winnings 96.0 % 4.00 %
Lucky Digger 96.0 % 4.00 %
Savanna Adventures 96.0 % 4.00 %
Wild Win Xtra 96.0 % 4.00 %
Win It All Sports 96.0 % 4.00 %
USA Parade 96.0 % 4.00 %
Custom Cash Payout 96.0 % 4.00 %
Underwater Treasures 96.0 % 4.00 %
Sorcerer's Luck 96.0 % 4.00 %
Sorcerer's Luck 96.0 % 4.00 %
Enchanted Winnings 96.0 % 4.00 %
Northern Wilds 96.0 % 4.00 %
Paint Blast 96.0 % 4.00 %
Holly Jolly Combos 96.0 % 4.00 %
Holly Jolly Combos 96.0 % 4.00 %
Color Pop 96.0 % 4.00 %
Caribbean Cashword 96.0 % 4.00 %
King of Clubs 96.0 % 4.00 %
Wizard of All 96.0 % 4.00 %
Lucky Mariner 96.0 % 4.00 %
Fortunes of Cleopatra 96.0 % 4.00 %
Frost and Flame 96.0 % 4.00 %
Spooky Combos 96.0 % 4.00 %
Desert Fantasy 96.0 % 4.00 %
Jackpot Blast 96.0 % 4.00 %
Big Day Payday 96.0 % 4.00 %
Joker's Fortune 96.0 % 4.00 %
Atlantis 96.0 % 4.00 %
Auto Show 96.0 % 4.00 %
Cafe Paris 96.0 % 4.00 %
Castle Slot 96.0 % 4.00 %
Conga Beat 96.0 % 4.00 %
Dress Up Diva 96.0 % 4.00 %
Egyptian Magic 96.0 % 4.00 %
Fair Play 96.0 % 4.00 %
Grand Crown 96.0 % 4.00 %
Wild Win Stars 95.0 % 5.00 %
Magic Winnings 95.0 % 5.00 %
A to Z Riches 95.0 % 5.00 %
Steampunk Treasures 95.0 % 5.00 %
Robo Cash 95.0 % 5.00 %
Springtime Combos 95.0 % 5.00 %
VIP Ultra 95.0 % 5.00 %
Cash Avenue 95.0 % 5.00 %
Cash O Lanterns 95.0 % 5.00 %
Treetop Treasures 95.0 % 5.00 %
Aqua Cash 95.0 % 5.00 %
Pirate's Quest 95.0 % 5.00 %
Fruity Friends 94.99 % 5.01 %
Zodiac 94.0 % 6.00 %
Legend of Terra 94.0 % 6.00 %
Главная/NeoGames/Zodiac (NeoGames)Zodiac 94.0 % 6.00 %
Sea and Sun 93.51 % 6.49 %
Bon Appetit 93.5 % 6.50 %
Triple Carnival 93.5 % 6.50 %
Tropical Fruit 93.5 % 6.50 %
5th Avenue 93.5 % 6.50 %
Pirates Paradise 93.5 % 6.50 %
Esmeralda 93.5 % 6.50 %
Chic Boutique 93.5 % 6.50 %
Circus Mania 93.5 % 6.50 %
Dragon's Gold 93.5 % 6.50 %
Fantasia 93.5 % 6.50 %
Magic Dice 93.5 % 6.50 %
Music Room 93.5 % 6.50 %
Oasis Dreams 93.5 % 6.50 %
Pub House 93.5 % 6.50 %
Mighty Sphinx 93.02 % 6.98 %
Astrodice 93.0 % 7.00 %
Adventure Jack 93.0 % 7.00 %
Graveyard Party 93.0 % 7.00 %
Rainbow Charms 93.0 % 7.00 %
Funtastic Pets 93.0 % 7.00 %
Royal Slots 93.0 % 7.00 %
Monaco Glamour 93.0 % 7.00 %
The Big Apple 93.0 % 7.00 %
Holiday Hotel 90.65 % 9.35 %
Namaste 90.65 % 9.35 %
VIP Platinum 35.0 % 65.00 %

Neogames Slots RTP

As for Return to player (RTP) coefficient, the average RTP of NeoGames is significantly less than 96% which is not a very good sign for players. Though, sometimes it means that the potential game-winning is so big that RTP can’t be very high and a game can’t return all deposits back to a player.

The slot games with a high level of RTP is always a great opportunity for players to have fun and don’t be disappointed after losing all their money while playing their favorite games. Unfortunately, NeoGames doesn’t offer high and very high RTP slots (which RTP is 97%+).

The company creates about 5-8 games per year. It is actually not the best result, but its games have top-class technology. Moreover, the company offers an unmatched set of services and builds partnerships on the basis of trust and commitment. So, it uses time wisely and manages to accomplish its goals.

The company hasn’t created progressive slots so far because it is focused on other tasks.

Nevertheless, it is a perspective company that can show impressive results later on.

Neogames Slots

Neogames is a popular provider with a portfolio of over 90 different games ranging from classic 3 reel slots to excellent modern games with multiple features and 5 reels. Typically, the developer uses 3 rows models, which help form winning sequences more often. The average RTP of the games reaches 95%. Such a figure is not entirely satisfactory. However, if you look closely, there are games where the theoretical return is at a higher or lower level. These gradations are great for players who haven't yet decided which game they like.

The provider's slots feature Low, Medium and High Volatility. As for the maximum possible winnings, it reaches x30,000 your bet per line. Speaking of paylines, you are offered a variety of choices where there are slots with 1, 5, 8, 9, 20, 25, and 30 paylines. Also in some slots, there is a Bothway option which allows wins to be formed both left to right and right to left. This technology allows you to double your chances of winning.

How to Play Neogames Slots

Virtually every user will be able to play Neogames slots. The fact is that the functionality is so simple that you shouldn't have any trouble figuring it out for yourself. But, in order for you to understand what it looks like I will say a few words. So, when you launch one of the developer's slots, you'll see a playing field with reels and rows in front of you. Below the playing field is the control panel, where you can look at Paytable and find out which combinations will bring the most winnings. Next, you can adjust the bet per line in the box Bet. After this, you can select the Lines box and enter the number of lines. The minimum bet in Neogames slots is 0.1 USD, and the maximum bet is 600 USD.

You can also click on Max Bet to make the maximum bet. Then you can click on Spin to start the game. After the Spin button comes the Auto Play button and here you can set a number of spins to start the game automatically.

Best 10 Neogames Slots of All Time

Neogames is ready to offer players the best experience and variety in their slots. You need to look no further for a provider that creates such different games. Here you can see cowboy themes, water world and sea creatures, Asian themes, adventure and of course fruit. This is not the end of the developers story world, and you can find the games you want. In addition, you'll have a fascinating gameplay experience, because, in addition to unique plots, the provider also has cool features. That's why many games have become the best for many players. These are the games that are currently on the pedestal of popularity:

  • Reel Bandits invites you to become a cowboy and find yourself in the Wild West. This game has an RTP of 96% and a maximum multiplier of x10,000

  • Grand Crown is a great example of a classic slot that has a 96% RTP and an x10,000 multiplier

  • Roll the Dice allows you to roll the dice and gives you the chance to pick up x10,000 of your winnings. The RTP for this game is 95%

  • Aqua Cash will give the player a sea adventure and winnings of x4,000 and an RTP of 95%

  • Fruity Friends. A fun story of cheerful fruit, ready to give the player an x877 multiplier as well as a 94.99% RTP

  • Legend of Terra is one of those slots with the ancient knights and cyclops as its theme. You'll love this game, with a maximum multiplier of x10,000 and a theoretical return of up to 94%

  • Sea & Sun. This is where the beach fun begins, where you can relax by surfing or just go for a swim. The player is offered an RTP of 93.51% and the maximum multiplier is x10,000

  • Get up close and personal in a fashion jewellery shop with the 5th Avenue slot. This slot will bring you an RTP of 93.5% and a maximum multiplier of x10,000

  • Bon Appetit will take you to a restaurant where a professional chef will treat you to a variety of gourmet dishes. The game's RTP is 93.5% and the maximum multiplier is x10,000

  • The Chic Boutique women's fashion shop in the Chic Boutique slot is ready to offer you the most striking outfits. The slot's RTP is 93.5% and the maximum multiplier is x10,000.

Slot Features

The most popular games of NeoGames provider are as following Color Pop, Sweet Crush, Love struck and some others.

So, Color Pop is a video slot game that was released in 2020, it is an eInstant game that builds on the Match 3 mechanic with a spectacular bunch of win features. If 3 Potion symbols reveal on the reels, Magic Oath opens up and brings to a player a guaranteed prize.

Often slot games of this provider have a standard set of features including Bonus Game, Free Spins, Scatter symbols, Wold and also RTP range. You can say: “Nothing special” and it is true but sometimes simplicity is better than artificial complexity.

In fact, the latest slots of this provider include multilevel bonus rounds, multipliers and other features. For instance, the Underwater Treasures game not only allows you to win hidden riches but also gives you an opportunity to reveal a fish to win a prize, uncover a seashell for a chance at a surprise win.

To get it, you need to locate sea creatures and fill the bonus meters to open the multilevel bonus round, where multipliers increase as you advance from level to level.

I’d recommend you to try the games of NeoGames provider and check their innovative features.

Security and fairness

Neogames workes with clients from across the globe which confirms the company’s trustworthiness among its partners.

Actually, the clients of Neogames are located in Canada (AGLC), USA (New Hampshire Lottery, Virginia Lottery, North Carolina Education Lottery), Lithuania (Olifeaja), Czech Rep. (Sazka), Croatia (Hrvatska Lutrija), Italy (Sisal S.p.A) and Portugal (Jogos Santa Casa).

Due to the fact that NeoGames are accepted in the countries with the most strict regulations in the gambling field, they can be considered a reliable developer of the games.

As it is said on the official website of the company, Neogames’ solutions have been certified and approved by diverse regulators in various jurisdictions, adhering to stringent, robust security standards.

NeoGames has a license from the Great Britain Gambling Commission. The number of its license is given on the website of the company.

The company is also a proud member of the iLottery industry associations including The European Lotteries, WLA and so on.

In fact, the company has also strategically partnered with Polland Banknote, a leading provider of high-quality products to more than 50 lotteries worldwide. They established a joints venture name NeoPolland Interactive.

Sound and Graphics

The sound and graphics of NeoGames slots have good quality, they look state-of-the-art and really engaging.

The sound effects fit the games’ scenarios. They are different, but all can be considered cool.

As for the graphics of the slots and other games, it is pretty innovative, all characters look cartoon-like and made in the way every player would like them.

Mobile compatibility

All games of NeoGames are made on the basis of HTML5 technology and can be played on portable devices like smartphones and tablets.

Actually, the games of the provider are customized, so they target every market’s needs. And one of the needs of the modern generation is to get access to favourite products whenever they are and wherever they want to do this.

The company’s history and its prospects

As I’ve already mentioned the company was established in 2005 by some of the industry’s experts as a developer and supplier of iLottery solutions and services to national and state-regulated lotteries.

It created about 100 different games including video slots titles and games like Lotto and Keno. The titles include Enchanted Winnings, Lucky Digger and Fruity Cubes.

The company started to offer the next marketing operations and services: customer engagement marketing, data analysis and digital acquisition. The provider’s profound data analytics team provides unparalleled marketing expertise to the entire life cycle of player interactions.

NeoGames also managed to implement the following business operations: banking, staffing services, payments enablement and optimization.

The provider partnered with the companies like Pollard Banknote, William Hill US, Olifeja, Hervaska Lutrija, AGLC and others.

Moreover, NeoGames is offered in different markets and has a license of the most trustworthy jurisdiction which is the UKGC.

To sum up, it is an ever-evolving company that makes innovative games and offers the best services to its partners and players.



The NeoGames provider has an eventful history full of accomplishments and successful milestones. it managed to become the leading iLottery company with great future perspectives.

The company has the following advantages cool features, a high level of security, good graphics and sound, a lot of cool features and others.

NeoGames has a list of disadvantages as well: low level of average slots’ RTP, a limited number of video slots in the provider’s collection of the games, no high-RTP slots.

Concluding, I would recommend you to try the games of NeoGames provider, especially if you like to explore everything new and you prefer lottery games.

Chief editor: Dmitrii Stevenson