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GoldenRock: Best Casinos and Slots (2024)

Rating: 8.4

Established: 2018

Regulators: Curacao E-Gaming (N.V. 1668/JAZ)

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The gaming industry is one of the most competitive areas of business. The number of companies offering casino software has long passed the 100 mark. A few dozen of them are such leaders that for a young specialist, working there becomes almost the best chance in life. In return, the company gets fresh ideas, which are often lacking because of the moral stagnation of employees who have been working for the company for a long time. This was once the case with James Curwen and William Mathieson. With them, William Hill became an incredibly strong brand. As is often the case, these two former William Hill executives decided at some point to take it to a new personal level.

The beginning of 2018 finally saw the opening of Golden Rock Studios. The brand is the result of a friendship between two people who are passionate about their work and come from the world's biggest studio. Having enough experience contributed to a good start. The office, which houses dozens of employees, is located in Ocean Village, Gibraltar. The provider gathers young but very ambitious people in their studio, for whom Golden Rock isn't just a place to make money but a way to put some of their thoughts, ideas and talent into the gaming machines. The company's main aim is to produce unique video slots. However, it doesn't forget about mechanical games like roulette and blackjack.

Best online casinos with GoldenRock slots (2024)

Last Updated: Sept. 9, 2023


Rating: 9.98

Cashback 25%

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Rating: 9.93

100% up to 1000$/€

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Rating: 9.92

100% up to 1000$/€

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Rating: 9.73

100% up to 10000$/€

GoldenRock: Yes


Rating: 9.69

100% up to 200$/€

GoldenRock: Yes


Rating: 9.67

100% up to 100$/€

GoldenRock: Yes

Joo Casino

Rating: 9.58

100% up to 100$/€

GoldenRock: Yes


Rating: 9.44

100% up to 200$/€

GoldenRock: Yes

Wildz Casino Honest Review: Sign Up, Bonuses + Full Info

Rating: 9.28

100% up to 500$/€

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Wheelz Casino Honest Review: Sign Up, Bonuses + Full Info

Rating: 9.25

100% up to 300$/€

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How I chose best Golden Rock Studios casinos

Online casinos have been around for quite some time. Back at the end of the 20th century, owners of personal computers could afford to place bets while physically staying at home. At the time, the number of such establishments could be counted on the fingers of one hand. Each of them, due to a small number of clients, valued their reputation, so they were as honest as possible with regard to the players. Time passed, technology improved and now the PC can afford every third inhabitant of the planet. At the same time, as you know, the number of online casinos has increased. Along with them began to appear more and more dishonest gambling clubs. Visually, they do not differ from good institutions. However, they have that guilt that poisons the joy of visiting a casino. Non-payment of winnings, freezing of deposits, interference in the game, cancellation of winnings - these and many other things will affect absolutely every visitor of a fraudulent casino.

To avoid becoming a victim in such a place, I advise you to choose carefully the site you deposit your money. Now you can relax a bit because I have done that for you. My list of casinos includes only reliable establishments. I assessed them by a combination of terms:

  • Having a valid license. A license is the first indication that the operator agrees to obey the rules, and they can be quite strict. I checked the license through special validators, a link to which is available on every gaming site

  • A crystal-clear reputation. Earning the trust of the players is an incredibly long and complex process. The slightest fault that is not corrected threatens the institution with a total loss of credibility. As you can imagine, I have included brands that are strict about their reputations

  • Games from Golden Rock operate from an independent RNG software, i.e. the original. You can be assured of the true randomness of the results

  • The SSL protocol ensures that all information circulating between the main server and the clients' web browsers is protected. This gives you the assurance of careful protection of sensitive data

  • Availability of an accessible helpdesk to provide an informed assessment of their performance. You can be assured that the list includes only those casinos that provide the highest level of customer service

  • Passing the KYC on my list will not cause unnecessary problems. The documents are standard and the speed of verification will not cause any complaints. I'm sure this is incredibly important for you, as well as for most other players

  • A variety of promotions and bonuses can bring a little more winnings into your life. For standard online casino activities (making deposits, playing slots for money, participating in tournaments, etc.) you get rewards. That's why they've become an integral part of any trustworthy casino

  • The availability of alternative payment methods to bank cards. This allows you to carry out transactions without the hassle of setting up a new account, waiting for a card to be issued, etc.

  • Generous limits, so that all your winnings will not go over the balance from month to month. This is also very convenient in that you will have less time to succumb to gambling and lose all your money

  • Fast payouts. You want to have your winnings in your hand as soon as possible, don't you? Of course, I do, that's why I've picked good options for you, where the payouts come in a short period of time

  • An awesome selection of RNG games - video slots, blackjack, baccarat and other card games, roulette, jackpots and more, as well as an excellent selection of live dealer rooms.

As you can imagine, checking every online casino is not a straightforward matter. It is bound to take you a long time. In return, you get to really enjoy what's happening on the screen.

Golden Rock Studios online casino websites

Don't expect much success from this very small company. It has been too short a time to appreciate its work. All the more so because Golden Rock initially tried to promote itself among online casinos through its own efforts. Spot searches showed the developer that he was moving in the wrong direction. Only after that, there was a question of finding a platform to distribute the software in bulk. For various reasons, not everyone was suitable for the developer. And then it finally did - the studio contracted with Microgaming. Its Quickfire distribution network is used by several dozen other studios and this one was no exception. The company's slot machine presence has now expanded to three dozen gaming sites.

In these casinos, you have the opportunity to play for real money, which means you can win real money. But you should also know and understand that not every mechanic actually has a good payout. If winning is what you want, choose slots with a high RTP.

Golden Rock Studios online casino bonuses and promos

Registration bonuses remain the most popular offers under the customer incentive program. There are no exceptions to this rule. Along with the bonus, the user has the opportunity to become familiar with all the inner workings of the casino, from how it is received to when the withdrawal is determined. On whatever site with gambling, you have not stopped, be sure to use the registration bonus. Perhaps it will be the Golden Rock slots that will bring you more money when wagering.

In addition to the welcome offer, you will also be presented with a list of available bonuses and promotions. Their number and types depend on the site chosen. These may include deposit bonuses, account/phone number verification bonuses, loyalty program upgrades, as well as cashback, tournament, race and other promotions.

How to play at Golden Rock Studios casinos

The choice of a playground should always be taken as seriously as possible. It's not enough to type in a search engine to find out where Golden Rock software is available. Remember that it can be fake. Look for institutions with good reputations. After that, proceed to registration.

Without an account, you won't be able to play for real money. Fill in the registration form with your personal details to the required extent, confirm your registration and proceed with the KYC procedure. This way you will avoid possible problems.

As soon as the administration has confirmed your right to play on their website, you can start funding your account. You can do this through your account. There will be a corresponding tab there. All deposits are credited to your account within a few minutes. You can also check this through your account. Once you've gone that little way, you'll finally be able to start the paid version of Golden Rock slots.

Golden Rock Studios casinos FAQ

Are Provider casinos safe?

Any casino with a high level of security monitors the information security of its website. Gaming sites that feature games from the provider's library use SSL encryption protocols.

Are there mobile Provider casinos?

Yes, you can download the casino website on your mobile devices at any time. The OS as well as the screen size doesn't matter. Grab your smartphone, type in the casino's domain name in your browser, create an account and have fun playing for money.

Can I play Provider games for real money?

Yes, you can play both the free version in the company's slots and the paid version. In the second case, you get to win real money.

Best GoldenRock Slots (Highest RTP/Payout %)

Bar Slot Online Slot Logo
RTP: 96.6% (Good)
Volatile: high
Max win: x1,020
Big Bad Beasts Online Slot Logo
RTP: 96.6% (Good)
Volatile: high
Max win: x1,020
Bonus Only Online Slot Logo
RTP: 96.2% (Good)
Volatile: low
Max win: x1,750
All Sports Online Slot Logo
RTP: 96.2% (Good)
Volatile: medium
Max win: x2,000
All About Christmas Online Slot Logo
RTP: 96.2% (Good)
Volatile: medium
Max win: x2,000
Higher Forces Online Slot Logo
RTP: 96.1% (Good)
Volatile: medium
Max win: x1,538
6 Jewels Online Slot Logo
RTP: 96.1% (Good)
Volatile: medium-high
Max win: x6,094
The Dream Machine Online Slot Logo
RTP: 96.1% (Good)
Volatile: medium
Max win: x8,100
Book Of Inti Online Slot Logo
RTP: 96.1% (Good)
Volatile: high
Max win: x5,500
Book of Heroes Online Slot Logo
RTP: 96.1% (Good)
Volatile: high
Max win: x5,640
Gold _N_ Rocks Online Slot Logo
RTP: 96.1% (Good)
Volatile: medium-high
Max win: x1,000
RaRaRa Online Slot Logo
RTP: 96.0%
Volatile: medium-high
Max win: x2,500
Star Gods Online Slot Logo
RTP: 95.9%
Volatile: medium-high
Max win: x300
Volatile Slot Online Slot Logo
RTP: 94.1%
Volatile: high
Max win: x25,600
Super Money World Online Slot Logo
RTP: 94.0%
Volatile: high
Max win: x10,650
Remember Remember Online Slot Logo
RTP: 92.0%
Volatile: high
Max win: x5,544
GoldenRock Slot Name RTP % House Edge % Casinos List
Big Bad Beasts 96.55 % 3.45 %
Bar Slot 96.55 % 3.45 %
Bonus Only 96.21 % 3.79 %
All Sports 96.15 % 3.85 %
All About Christmas 96.15 % 3.85 %
Volatile Slot 96.1 % 3.90 %
6 Jewels 96.09 % 3.91 %
Higher Forces 96.09 % 3.91 %
The Dream Machine 96.08 % 3.92 %
Book of Inti 96.06 % 3.94 %
Book of Heroes 96.06 % 3.94 %
Gold 'N' Rocks 96.0 % 4.00 %
Five Fruit Frenzy 96.0 % 4.00 %
RaRaRa 95.97 % 4.03 %
Star Gods 95.94 % 4.06 %
Super Money World 94.0 % 6.00 %
Remember Remember 92.0 % 8.00 %

Golden Rock Studios Slots RTP

Choosing which name to download in the pay-per-view does not really seem like such a simple task. Don't limit your choice to design, brand or mechanics. It is very important not to go wrong with a model that actually pays. It is not at all difficult to do so. It is enough to find machines with a very high RTP (above 97%) or at least with an average RTP (96-97%).

RTP is a term that defines the total amount of winnings in relation to the total amount of bets. That is, with an RTP of 95%, we understand that 95% of the total amount of bets will be returned to the player, and the remaining 5% will remain as profit to the operator. The only caveat is that this statement is true for a very long playing session. At the same time, it is obvious that in general, the higher the return, the better the winnings will be generated.

The average RTP of Golden Rock products is 95.5-96.5%. This is such a transitional level that you should not evaluate the entire catalog, but specifically look at the title and its RTP. This is the only way you can decide on the best option. All the more so because the provider has games with very poor returns (92-94%).

Golden Rock Studios Slots

Golden Rock is not yet the link without which iGaming cannot be imagined. It will be many years before we can claim the worldwide popularity of the game studio. However, this does not take away from the fact that all its products are of the highest calibre.

The company's portfolio features slots with 3 and 5 reels and 3-40 paylines. Fans of something more modern can find mechanics with 243 - 3,125 Ways to Win. I note that this isn't the most unique offering on the market, but let's not jump to conclusions, shall we? Let's give the provider time to adapt and create something insanely interesting.

The most you can expect in terms of payouts is x25,600. That's pretty decent, but there's definitely room to grow. When choosing slots with high winning potential, remember that the rate of successful spins is affected by volatility.

Volatility is the term that refers to the level of risk in the game and the size of the payout when the symbols are successful on the screen. For High volatility, there are large infrequent payouts, for Low - small frequent payouts, and for Medium - a combination of both characteristics. Slots studio has all three types of risk. All you have to do is choose what is most beneficial for you.

How to Play Golden Rock Studios Slots

You won't find the studio's games particularly difficult to prepare for spinning the reels. The settings buttons are built in so that they become part of the playing field, and it's actually beautiful. So, let's take a look at what modes are available in the provider's navigation panel:

  • The bet setting is "Total Bet". Click on the button, choose your preferred option and spin the reel. The stakes range from 0.05 to 250 USD is attractive and will please any player

  • Setting for 10 or more independent spins of the reel - "Autoplay" in the form of two circular arrows

  • Setting up fast spinning reels - "Turbo" in the slot menu

  • Music settings - "Sound Effect", "Volume", "Music".

You'll also be able to track your balance and see your winnings and bets right on the playing field.

Best 10 Golden Rock Studios Slots of All Time

There aren't many video slots in the developer's collection. I decided to rank them and chose RTP as a benchmark. In terms of this indicator, the titles are in the lead:

  • Big Bad Beasts is a slot machine with a fixed RTP of 96.55% and a maximum bet multiplier of x1,020

  • Bar Slot - an appellation with a return of 96.55% of all bets and a bet multiplier of x1,020

  • Bonus Only, a video slot with an RTP of 96.21% and the ability to increase your balance by 1,750 times your bet

  • All About Christmas is a slot machine manufacturer with an RTP of 96.15% and a bet multiplier of x2,000

  • All Sports - In this slot you get to increase your bet by a factor of 2,000. The return on your bet is 96.15%

  • Volatile Slot - this video slot has a payout of 96.1% of all bets in perspective, as well as a bet multiplier of up to x25,600

  • 6 Jewels is a slot machine with a betting multiplier of x6,094 and an RTP of 96.09%

  • Higher Forces - an appellation with a customisable RTP of up to 96.09% and a betting multiplier of x1,538

  • The Dream Machine - video slot with RTP and x8,100 bet multiplier

  • Book of Infi is a title with a player yield of 96.06% and the highest multiplier bet of x5,500.

Golden Rock Studios Slots List

The developer's primary focus is not on the stamped creation of video slots, but on thoughtful, serious work. In this regard, speed has to be sacrificed. The next novelty is released every 3 months or so. In terms of the reporting period, only 4 variants are released. The company has released 17 slot machines and several table games over the whole period. All of them are based on the RNG.

Fairness of Golden Rock Studios Slots

The RNG is a very important slot program. It is in charge of all the symbols. All the wins, all the losses - it's all up to it. Nothing really depends on you. In that case, you want to make sure that the software is really honest. There are special laboratories to confirm this.

The studio is notoriously uncertified. However, this does not suggest that its slot machines are dishonest. The provider is licensed in two reputable jurisdictions - Malta and the UK. In this case, even without certificates, we can say that RNG can be trusted.

Golden Rock Studios slots features

To make the gameplay unique, Golden Rock incorporates such prize options into the mechanics of the slots:

  • Free Spins, Additional Free Spins (Bar Slot)

  • Scatter, Mega symbol (All About Christmas)

  • Hold and Spin, Lock it Link, Multiplier, Respins, Stack, Sticky Wilds (All Sports)

  • Guaranteed Wild in Free Spins, Random multiplier (Volatile Slot)

  • Avalanche, Reelset Changing, Symbols collection (6 Jewels)

  • Level Up, Mystery symbol (Higher Forces)

  • Bonus wheel, Book of ... mechanic, Expanding Symbols (Book of Infi).

It's clear that the company is committed to creating creative slot machines that will keep you in suspense until the last minute.

Can I play Golden Rock Studios games on mobile devices?

All the developer's slots are available on all types of devices. The HTML version 5 used in the layout of the games makes the products easy to download on Android and iOS mobile devices. To open slots on smartphones and tablets, you don't need to use any additional software. The slots are accessible directly from your browser. All you need is internet availability and a high transfer speed.

Sound and Graphics of Golden Rock Studios slots

It's great to see that the studio doesn't stop at one theme. Each new model is radically different from the previous one. The portfolio includes such themes as the gods of Chinese culture, Egyptian history, sports and more. Believe me, you will not find a single boring model in the studio's portfolio. The history of the developer's slots begins the moment you load it on your screens. Regardless of the model you choose, you'll enjoy a colorful background and pleasant music. The games use animation to enhance the feel of the story. Taken together, this gives us aesthetic pleasure every time we load a machine on our device.


Mobile GoldenRock casinos

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New GoldenRock casinos

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Final thoughts

Golden Rock Studios is a newcomer to iGaming with its own take on gaming. Its core staff consists of 9 experienced members of the gambling industry, so everything it does is for a reason. The studio's games are of high-quality mathematics and design, providing a whole new experience and an unforgettable experience. Although the provider library is still not that popular, one can hope for positive changes in the coming years. Microgaming will be helping it do just that.

Chief editor: Dmitrii Stevenson