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BlueGuru: Best Casinos and Slots (2024)

Rating: 8.0

Established: 2021

Regulators: Malta

Restricted countries

Blue Guru Games, as is often the case with iGaming, is not created by random people. Behind its small team of professionals are even more professional people. The studio's share capital is owned by two of the industry's biggest names - LeoVegas Mobile Gaming Group and it is subsidiary LeoVenture. We should expect a great future for the company as it has a stellar management team - Andrey Braithwaite from Unibo, Gustaf Hagman, Mattias Wedar from LeoVegas, Philip Doftvik from Mobile Gaming Group and others.

The company was announced in May 2021. According to the company's roadmap, in the next few years, it should present no less than 20 exciting video slots on the theme of esotericism, spirituality, mythology and generally unusual situations. Most likely, these are the games that the studio is going to focus on because it's only in video slots that one can unlock their full potential. And the company does seem to have it.

The reputable creators behind Blue Guru have ensured that the company is present in several markets at once. The studio has offices in Malta, the UK, Australia and Estonia. There is no official data on licensing in public sources. Presumably, the studio is licensed by LeoVegas. And in this case, you can be safe, because this jurisdiction is strict with licensees and does not allow any violations on their part. This immediately adds credibility and trust to even a young provider.

Best online casinos with BlueGuru slots (2024)

Last Updated: Sept. 9, 2023


Rating: 9.98

Cashback 25%

BlueGuru: Yes


Rating: 9.93

100% up to 1000$/€

BlueGuru: Yes


Rating: 9.92

100% up to 1000$/€

BlueGuru: Yes

CrazyFox Casino

Rating: 9.78

Cashback 20%

BlueGuru: Yes

EUSlot Casino

Rating: 9.72

100% up to 300$/€

BlueGuru: Yes


Rating: 9.69

100% up to 200$/€

BlueGuru: Yes

InstantPay Casino

Rating: 9.69

100% up to 100$/€

BlueGuru: Yes


Rating: 9.67

100% up to 100$/€

BlueGuru: Yes

Joo Casino

Rating: 9.58

100% up to 100$/€

BlueGuru: Yes


Rating: 9.44

100% up to 200$/€

BlueGuru: Yes


Rating: 9.32

100% up to 150$/€

BlueGuru: Yes

Wildz Casino Honest Review: Sign Up, Bonuses + Full Info

Rating: 9.28

100% up to 500$/€

BlueGuru: Yes

Wheelz Casino Honest Review: Sign Up, Bonuses + Full Info

Rating: 9.25

100% up to 300$/€

BlueGuru: Yes

Fastbet Casino

Rating: 8.65

100% up to 100$/€

BlueGuru: Yes

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CasinoNic 100% up to 200$/€ #International BlueGuru casino Visit!
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CasinoRex 100% up to 100$/€ #Great Bonus BlueGuru casino Visit!
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How I chose best Blue Guru Games casinos

The growing popularity of online casinos has ultimately led to some not-so-pleasant consequences. In recent years, the perception has taken root that all remote casinos are scams. This is in fact only half true. Along with the opening of new establishments, it has become much more difficult to know whether the operators are reliable or not. You can lose money if you choose the wrong playground. And it is a good thing if the new experience, albeit a negative one, costs a minimal amount. It is not uncommon for an operator to cheat its customers out of large sums. The player himself is not even aware that the whole gameplay process is unfair.

If you don't want to end up in the shoes of cheated gamblers, you will have to analyse the website every time according to many criteria. In the meantime, I have prepared for you a selection of guaranteed reliable gambling sites. I have selected them according to the following characteristics:

  • An impeccable reputation can be assessed by studying the opinion of players and experts. In addition, it is necessary to find out how the institution solves the problems of its customers. This is the most difficult criterion to analyse, as players' opinions, both positive and negative, can be "bought". On my list are only good casinos with a good reputation

  • The validity of the license plays an important role in a casino's credibility. The more reputable the license, the stricter the casino rules and vice versa. In any case, the license must be active, as many formerly reliable casinos continue to operate illegally after the expiry of the license. Such casinos should not be trusted

  • Original Blue Guru software. This is very important because the real provider's games exclude spins tampering, forced interruption of gameplay due to which all winnings are annulled and other

  • The site makes efforts to protect its site 100% from external threats, due to which personal data and financial transactions can be intercepted by hackers. The best way to ensure protection from unwanted external actions is to use SSL encryption

  • Accessible and fast customer support. Practice shows that many fraudulent casinos offer the slowest and most inaccessible options for contacting specialists. This is designed for those players who, without waiting for a response for some time, simply leave. I've picked the casinos where you can quickly and easily contact support

  • The simplicity of KYC. I would hardly surprise you by the fact that no player gets excited about going through this procedure

  • Bonuses are always nice to receive. Only the rare casino-goer is willing to turn down rewards of all kinds. Realising this, positive operators are obliged to offer cashback, VIP bonuses, tournaments and more

  • A variety of payment systems is necessary so that any player, regardless of his country of residence, is given a choice of payment options. It should consist of different types of instruments, ranging from bank cards to prepaid cards. These are the brands I offer you on my list

  • Large withdrawal limits and fast withdrawals show the operator's honesty and desire to please its customers

  • A large selection of gambling games, including RNG and live games. With them, the player can gain new experiences and learn about the latest industry innovations.

Note that if a gambling site does not meet at least one criterion, it is a reason to think twice. If you want to save effort and time, choose the casinos I suggest. Provided you comply with the rules of the establishment, you can find out what a reputable brand with casino games should really look like.

Blue Guru Games online casino websites

Blue Guru does not yet have the kind of influence and market presence that would elevate its popularity to the sky. However, it should be understood that it is still a short time since the company opened. Furthermore, the CEO initially announced that the studio's main aim was to produce video slots for its own casino chain. As for the global market, this is a secondary objective for the young brand. Thus, now the company's software is present on 15 gaming sites. It is also worth realising that this is only the beginning. Since February 2022, the company has begun to take drastic steps to spread part of its library globally. It has signed contracts to promote slots through Oryx Hub by Oryx Gaming and Relax Network by Relax Gaming.

If the popularity of slots is still justifiably questionable due to the studio's youthfulness, the way to win at the company's games is undeniable. For great odds of hitting the jackpot (maximum winnings), all you need to do is choose the games with the highest RTPs from the studio's library. The selection of such titles is still small, but the provider is growing, developing and expanding its library. I'm sure we'll soon see machines where you can not only play games but actually win big sums.

Blue Guru Games online casino bonuses and promos

It's hard to imagine a casino where the operator doesn't give away bonuses to its customers. Yes, there are sites where the choice of promotions and offers is limited to one or more options. More often than not, these are either scams or very small local establishments. One thing international and local venues have in common is that there is always a sign-up bonus. It is important for both players and operators. After a confirmed agreement to receive a bonus, a user has to wager it in casino games. Wagering rules may vary in terms of wagering and games. Choose those institutions with Blue Guru software, where the rules allow you to use most of the casino's slots range, rather than having a few slots imposed on you. That way you can personally pick games with a good chance of wagering the bonus on the plus side.

Notably, there are other offers on the sites with software from this young developer. These include a selection of bonuses:

  • For some actions - deposit, drive a friend, confirm Email, phone number). Some of the bonuses can be issued more than once

  • No deposit rewards. Most often these are either birthday or milestone gifts in the operator's history or a gift as part of reaching new heights in the VIP Program

  • Promotions - tournaments, races, quests and raffles. In these, most often the winnings are given out in real money.

The choice of offers is actually large and varied. The number on any one playground is determined by the operator's bonus policy. It has been observed that good operators tend to offer at least one of each type of bonus option.

How to play at Blue Guru Games casinos

The studio's slot machines come in two versions. The first is free. It does not require your own cash investment, as in this case some virtual amount is used in the mechanics of the slot. You can use it to study the behaviour of the studio's algorithms, assess the gameplay, design, etc. It should be understood that the winnings in the demo mode of the model will also be virtual. You can get acquainted with the original mechanics of any Blue Guru slot on the developer's website or at a reliable casino.

Choosing a reliable casino only seems simple. In fact, you have to go the difficult route of choosing a site. Only then can you be sure that both the free and paid versions of the developer's slot machines will bring a positive experience and honesty to the gameplay. I have already talked about how to do this before.

When you have finished your search, register on the gaming platform. Along with it, you will get a personal account. This gives you access to the studio's paid games, betting and bonus history, and profile. Next, I advise you to take care of the KYC procedure. This will allow you to avoid possible complications in advance in case you violate even the most unremarkable casino rules.

You are only one action away from playing for money. Go to the Cashier account, choose any convenient payment method presented, specify the amount of payment and confirm the transaction. Remember that both deposit and withdrawal have their own upper and lower limits. Once funds have been credited to your account, you can proceed to the library.

Blue Guru Games casinos FAQ

Are Blue Guru Games casinos safe?

All of the casinos with which the developer collaborates protect personal data and financial transactions from hacking. The 128-bit SSL technology prevents confidential information from falling into the hands of fraudsters.

Are there mobile Blue Guru Games casinos?

Want quick access to Blue Guru slots? No problem! The casino with the developer's software works on mobile devices with Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

Can I play Blue Guru Games games for real money?

If you want to try your luck, the Blue Guru slots come in handy. All you have to do is find a reliable casino and fund your personal account. You can use any currency available at the casino.

Best BlueGuru Slots (Highest RTP/Payout %)

The Nemean Lion Online Slot Logo
RTP: 96.5% (Good)
Volatile: medium-high
Max win: x50,000
Octopus Armada Online Slot Logo
RTP: 95.8%
Volatile: medium
Max win: x3,079
Clash of the Seraphim Online Slot Logo
RTP: 95.5%
Volatile: high
Max win: x3,938
Treasure of Tengshe Online Slot Logo
RTP: 95.5%
Volatile: high
Max win: x4,190
Reel Big Fish Online Slot Logo
RTP: 94.0%
Volatile: medium
Max win: x5,252
Curse of the Mummies Online Slot Logo
RTP: 90.0%
Volatile: medium-high
Max win: x12,532
BlueGuru Slot Name RTP % House Edge % Casinos List
The Nemean Lion 96.46 % 3.54 %
Otterly Amazing 96.09 % 3.91 %
Spring Heeled Jack 96.01 % 3.99 %
Clash of the Seraphim 95.51 % 4.49 %
Treasure of Tengshe 95.45 % 4.55 %
Octopus Armada 94.59 % 5.41 %
Legendary Battle of the Nian 94.2 % 5.80 %
Reel Big Fish 94.01 % 5.99 %
Napoleon vs Rabbits 94.0 % 6.00 %
Totem Link 94.0 % 6.00 %
A Winter’s Tale 94.0 % 6.00 %
Book of Thieves от Blue Guru Games 93.95 % 6.05 %
Wu Xing 92.5 % 7.50 %
Leprechaun Heist 90.0 % 10.00 %
Curse of the Mummies 90.0 % 10.00 %

Blue Guru Games Slots RTP

One way of assessing the quality of the library and of each individual company's title is to study the RTP. This is a parameter that shows the percentage ratio of bets placed to winnings. It is calculated on the basis of hundreds of thousands or even millions of spins and is recorded by the provider before the release of the machine. The remaining difference between 100% and the amount of RTP is considered to be a guaranteed income for the operator with the same number of spins. With that, it is absolutely logical to expect better returns even with a hundred spins from titles with higher returns, because its mathematics is initially set up for returns.

A developer's average RTP is almost impossible to calculate. For the most part, the company's software has flexible returns. This is a very good option for operators. When a machine is added to its library, the casino itself can choose one of the offered RTP variants. To find out its size, the user will have to contact support with the appropriate question each time. If you evaluate the provider's catalog in terms of maximum values, then the company's games are consistently at an average level.

Blue Guru Games Slots

The company does not yet have a single slot machine with a progressive jackpot in its portfolio. This is not surprising, because while it is little known, the size of the jackpot would hardly be competitive. However, the studio's prospect is already evident, and all we have to do is watch its development.

The company's portfolio is dominated by slots with 5 reels. Payouts are based on the Lines or Ways to Win features. Their number depends on the game and can range from 15 to 243 lines. Even now, the studio is acquiring the rights of other developers to use unique payout mechanics. So there is a slot, in which the formation of winnings is based on the mechanics of Cluster Pays. This case involves 7 reel slot machine mathematics.

Volatility in slot machines shows us the actual deviation of the RTP. If volatility is high, it means that the player will have to win back the money invested longer. If it is low, it is less. There is a rarer variant of volatility - Medium. It has features for both levels of risk. These are the games that predominate in the studio's portfolio. To create more variety, Blue Guru also offers slots with High risk. It is in one of these titles that you can break 50,000 times the bet.

How to Play Blue Guru Games Slots

Before you start playing for money, assess your balance. If it's not big enough, you're probably better off choosing machines with 243 ways to win, a small number of lines, or just playing with small bets. You can adjust your stake per spin using the Bet button. In the portfolio, the bets can vary from 0.1 to 200 USD. That's a pretty good range. It is adjusted for the interests and abilities of each user. Located directly on the playing field. There you will also find a button to activate 5, 10, 25, 50 or 100 spins in automatic mode.

You can also pay attention to the settings offered in the slot menu. There you will find the option to activate instant results on the screen, as well as to activate or deactivate the accompanying game soundtrack.

Best 8 Blue Guru Games Slots of All Time

Creativity, especially in the field of slot machine design, is a very complex process. It needs to be taken seriously. The studio has produced several titles over the course of its existence:

  • The Nemean Lion is a 5x5 slot with an x50,000 multiplier and adjustable RTP (there are two payout options - 90% and 96.46%)

  • Spring Heeled Jack - this model is capable of returning up to 96.01% of all bets and includes the highest multiplier of x15,587

  • Reel Big Fish is a video slot with adjustable RTP (90%, 92%, 94%, 96% options) and a bet multiplier of x5,252

  • Clash of The Seraphim - Fantasy slot with a yield of 95.51% and a betting multiplier of up to x3,938

  • Treasure of Tengshe is an Asian-inspired slot machine with a payout of 95.45% and a maximum multiplier of x4,190

  • Octopus Armada is a slot machine with an RTP range (89.85%, 92.22%, 94.59% and 95.78% options) with a maximum multiplier of x3,079

  • Totem Link - an appellation with a flexible RTP (90%, 92%, 94%, 96%) and the ability to increase the bet by 6,344 times

  • Curse of The Mummies - the slot has two RTP options - 90% and 96%, and a maximum multiplier of x12,532.

Blue Guru Games Slots List

Information about the creation of the new company Blue Guru Games appeared in May 2021. At the same time, its CEO has announced publicly that 20 slot titles with mystical, mythological, historical and any other unique themes are planned for release in the next 2 years. The release of the first slot has been announced for Christmas 2021. As you can imagine, it took some more time after the announcement was made. Specialists and executives were busy with legal and preparatory work for a full-fledged operation. Due to some difficulties, the company was not able to present the announced machine by the deadline it had announced. Its release has been postponed to April 2022.

Having amassed a great deal of creative energy, the studio was able to pour it into the work environment. This has enabled a very small company to produce one title a month. By the end of 2022, the portfolio will number 10 titles. Not the fastest pace in the industry, but it must be understood that the studio has limited staff for the time being. For example, because it does not have its own specialist in slot music, it has to use the services of ReelTrax.

Fairness of Blue Guru Games Slots

Video slots attract the attention of millions of users around the world every day. Everyone wants not just to play, but to win. To do this, entire strategies are devised and omens and conspiracies are used. However, all this does not work for one reason - the operation of the machines is based on the RNG program. It constantly generates symbols on the playing field. Players do not have even the slightest chance of guessing the outcome not only of a group of spins but even of the next spin.

However, this rotation system only works if an independent RNG is used. Ideally, the program should be verified by a specialised testing laboratory. This developer does not have a quality certificate for this important program. Do not assume that this makes the software unreliable. Maltese law necessarily checks for proof of RNG credibility before issuing a permit. It is just that, unlike the certificate, this fact is not officially confirmed.

Blue Guru Games slots features

The field of gambling hasn't stopped its maddening development. Not long ago, everyone was surprised by slots with Free Spins Multiplier, but today they are not surprised by Free Spins Mode Choosing. Every provider is now doing a lot of work in improving the gameplay. As for the developer in question, Blue Guru, it has to be noted that there are a number of things in their software:

  • Free Spins, Additional Free Spins, Multiplier, Free Spin Multiplier (The Nemean Lion)

  • Additive symbol, Buy Feature, Scatter Symbols, Wild (Curse of The Mummies)

  • Additional Free Spins, Buy Feature, FreeSpins, Multiplier, Mystery symbol, Scatter symbols, Stack (Spring Heeled Jack)

  • Bonus Game, Bonus symbols, Guaranteed Wild in Free Spins, Hold and Spin, Lock it Link, Respins, Stack, Symbol Swap (Totem Link)

  • Random Wilds, Spreading Wilds or Wild Rush, Symbol Swap, Symbols collection (Octopus Armada)

  • Avalanche, Battle feature, Cluster Pays, FreeSpins Mode Choosing, Mega Symbol, Walking Symbols, Moving Wilds (Clash of The Seraphim).

I should note that the company's games stand out nicely from the other studios with a good set of prize options. That's important if you prefer modern models to the classics.

Can I play Blue Guru Games games on mobile devices?

Some 10-15 years ago, mobile devices had the primary task of communicating quickly with an opponent by calling or texting. In order to spend time at an online casino, one had to get to the nearest computer. At times, this took a long stretch of personal time.

The year 2014 brought us relief because that was when an updated Internet content structuring language was first introduced. It turned out to be the fifth. To this day, it continues to be used as a way to provide quick access to information and websites. The technology is attracting slot developers, including Blue Guru because the previous Flash technology has become obsolete. Players now opt for comfort and simplicity. And the studio, as is customary for a modern provider, makes sure that the software works on all devices.

Opening studio slots on mobile devices is not accompanied by any difficulties. You have to open your browser, download the website address of a reliable casino, make a deposit and open the slot. It will load very quickly and then you are ready to place your bets.

Sound and Graphics of Blue Guru Games slots

Blue Guru has chosen an unconventional approach to what it intends to market under its own name. Unusual is the desire to produce slots with unique plots in the fields of esotericism, mythology and folk tales. It would be strange to expect some simple solutions in design and sound design. The games use advanced 3D technology to animate the characters as well as animation to make the game more dynamic. The music in the slots is created in a special recording studio using real professionals. This makes the games not only aesthetically pleasing but also musically complete.


Mobile BlueGuru casinos

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New BlueGuru casinos

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Final thoughts

Blue Guru is a small up-and-coming company from respected iGaming representative LeoVegas. The studio has a lot of work to do to become as indispensable a representative in the gambling industry as its 'father'. Already, we're seeing the company doing its best to make its products exciting. On the whole, they succeed with a few exceptions. I do wish the developer would reconsider their decision regarding slot payout. Players need confidence, which Blue Guru's software doesn't give them yet.

Chief editor: Dmitrii Stevenson