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Amaya: Best Casinos and Slots (2022)

Rating: 8.4

Established: 2004

Regulators: United Kingdom, Alderney, Malta

Languages English
Restricted countries United States

Amaya Inc. is a company that initially was based in Canada. It was established in 2004, and during the following decade, it became the biggest member in the gambling field with numerous offices all around the world.

Firstly, the company was oriented on the land-based casinos and provided B2B services. Year by year it appeared in new markets across the planet.

So it is a world-known company that had licenses from such famous jurisdictions as the UK Gambling Commission, the Malta Gaming Authority, the Alderney Gambling Control Commission and around 15 other reputable controlling bodies.

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Originally this provider was named PYR Software. Lately, the firm was rebranded. At that time it took the name Amaya Gaming. In 2017, the new rebranding happened after the acquisition of some big market’s members. Since then it was known as The Stars Group company.

Without stretching the point, the way that was made by this software provider is impressive. It grew up to a big corporation in less than 15 years. So, in 2020, it included more than 1,500 employees who worked all over the world.

Its own library consists of more than 300 games including poker, slot games, other table games, sports betting and lottery products.

There can be no doubt that the company encountered difficulties, but we see the result of its hard work, and it is incredible. Now let’s consider in more detail all aspects of the company’s business.

The list of casinos which is offered on this page was compiled on the basis of the following criteria:

  • trustworthiness of a casino. A casino has to be checked for fairness and transparency. I usually make it by exploring all possible information about the company’s activity in the gambling market.

  • license validity. A casino always has to have a valid license given from a reputable jurisdiction. Besides, the number of this license has to be written on the official website of a gambling venue.

  • software validity. All slot games represented on the website of a casino must be RNG-based (Random number Generator). It means that they have to show random results of gameplay.

  • an appropriate level of the account’s security. This is ensured by a company’s management with the help of the usage of SSL protocol on the website of an online casino.

  • responsiveness. If the customer service is not provided 24/7, and the Security team doesn't show care regarding players’ issues, you’d better shun away from such a casino.

  • Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure is easy to pass. It allows us to identify a new player. So, it is just a formal procedure that has to be uncomplicated to pass due to the fact that users can refuse to accomplish it which will lead to the loss of a player.

  • good promotions are included. Such promotions as free spins, reload bonuses and Welcome bonus packages should always be offered to the players.

  • a wide choice of deposit/withdrawal methods. If the methods for deposit/withdrawal are not convenient to players, they will probably get an unpleasant general experience of the gameplay.

  • appropriate for players deposit/withdrawal policy. This criterion is supposed to ensure the adequate conditions of withdrawal of money from a casino’s account. For instance, the daily amount of money that can be withdrawn should be appropriate.

  • a big library of games. The games that are offered by a casino have to be engaging for absolutely diverse types of players.

  • user-friendly website. If a player doesn’t like it, he/she will find another casino with relatively the same conditions.

Don’t hesitate to use these criteria in your own research, or when you decide to check the casinos that are represented on the subsidiary websites like this one.

Best Amaya Slots (Highest RTP/Payout %)

Frogs n Flies Online Slot Logo
RTP: 97.0% (Great!)
Volatile: high
Max win: x25,000
Serengeti Diamonds Online Slot Logo
RTP: 97.0% (Great!)
Volatile: high
Max win: x50,000
Mad Monkey Online Slot Logo
RTP: 95.5%
Volatile: high
Max win: x37,500
King Kong Online Slot Logo
RTP: 95.1%
Volatile: medium-high
Max win: x2,500
Aladdin's Legacy Online Slot Logo
RTP: 95.0%
Volatile: high
Max win: x12,500
Pirate Treasure Online Slot Logo
RTP: 95.0%
Volatile: medium
Max win: x1,600
Dolphin King Online Slot Logo
RTP: 94.5%
Volatile: medium-high
Max win: x5,000
Platinum Pyramid Online Slot Logo
RTP: 94.5%
Volatile: medium-high
Max win: x7,000
Thai Sunrise Online Slot Logo
RTP: 93.9%
Volatile: medium-high
Max win: x6,000
Amaya Slot Name RTP % House Edge % Casinos List
Vampires vs Werewolves 98.0 % 2.00 %
Thundering Zeus 97.0 % 3.00 %
Taxi! 97.0 % 3.00 %
Noughty Crosses 96.63 % 3.37 %
Bullseye Bucks 96.63 % 3.37 %
Just Vegas 96.4 % 3.60 %
White Buffalo 96.0 % 4.00 %
Cash Grab 96.0 % 4.00 %
Sinful Spins 96.0 % 4.00 %
Barnyard Boogie 96.0 % 4.00 %
Fortune Teller 96.0 % 4.00 %
Lucky Cherry 96.0 % 4.00 %
King Richer 95.92 % 4.08 %
Indian Dream 95.61 % 4.39 %
Amazon Adventure 95.5 % 4.50 %
Draco's Fire 95.5 % 4.50 %
Jumping for Gold 95.5 % 4.50 %
Samba Nights 95.47 % 4.53 %
Alaskan Husky 95.43 % 4.57 %
Savannah Sunrise 95.42 % 4.58 %
Superman: Last Son of Krypton 95.41 % 4.59 %
Wonder Woman 95.41 % 4.59 %
Street Fighter II 95.34 % 4.66 %
Dragon Sword 95.3 % 4.70 %
Cleo Queen of Egypt 95.3 % 4.70 %
FanCashtic 95.3 % 4.70 %
Sushi Express 95.1 % 4.90 %
Neptunes Gold 95.0 % 5.00 %
Surfs Up 95.0 % 5.00 %
Aladdin's Legacy 95.0 % 5.00 %
Space Invasion 95.0 % 5.00 %
Viva Venezia 95.0 % 5.00 %
Jackpot Holiday 95.0 % 5.00 %
Hole in One 95.0 % 5.00 %
Cash Inferno 95.0 % 5.00 %
Goooal! 95.0 % 5.00 %
Arthur's Quest 95.0 % 5.00 %
Bars and Bells 95.0 % 5.00 %
Shogun Showdown 95.0 % 5.00 %
Double the Devil 94.92 % 5.08 %
Dam Rich 94.85 % 5.15 %
Rickety Cricket 94.78 % 5.22 %
Lucky Lager 94.75 % 5.25 %
Fire Flies 94.75 % 5.25 %
Valley of the Scarab 94.75 % 5.25 %
Battle for Olympus 94.75 % 5.25 %
Golden Jaguar 94.75 % 5.25 %
Shark Bite 94.75 % 5.25 %
Monkey in the Bank 94.64 % 5.36 %
Geckos Gone Wild 94.64 % 5.36 %
So Hot 94.64 % 5.36 %
Captain Nemo 94.6 % 5.40 %
Millionaires Club III 94.55 % 5.45 %
Monkey Love 94.5 % 5.50 %
Kat Lee Bounty Hunter 94.5 % 5.50 %
Buccaneer's Bounty 94.5 % 5.50 %
Caesar Salad 94.5 % 5.50 %
Desert Dreams 94.5 % 5.50 %
Juju Jack 94.5 % 5.50 %
Fast Track 94.5 % 5.50 %
Dolphin King 94.5 % 5.50 %
Jade Idol 94.5 % 5.50 %
Congo Bongo 94.5 % 5.50 %
Polar Riches 94.5 % 5.50 %
uperman Jackpots 94.48 % 5.52 %
Wonder Woman Jackpots 94.48 % 5.52 %
Platinum Pyramid 94.45 % 5.55 %
Rags to Riches 94.45 % 5.55 %
Ferris Bueller's Day Off 94.41 % 5.59 %
Forrest Gump 94.38 % 5.62 %
Millionaires Club II 94.13 % 5.87 %
Millionaires Club 94.13 % 5.87 %
Pints and Pounds 94.01 % 5.99 %
Native Treasure 94.0 % 6.00 %
Oktoberfest by Amaya 94.0 % 6.00 %
Wild Mummy 94.0 % 6.00 %
Pirate Treasure 94.0 % 6.00 %
Fruit Party 94.0 % 6.00 %
Triple Bonus Spin 'n Win 94.0 % 6.00 %
Arthur's Quest II 94.0 % 6.00 %
Lady's Charms 94.0 % 6.00 %
Quest of Kings 93.95 % 6.05 %
Fantasy Realm 93.91 % 6.09 %
Sunday Afternoon Classics 93.87 % 6.13 %
Silent Screen 93.87 % 6.13 %
Outta Space Adventure 93.87 % 6.13 %
Thai Sunrise 93.86 % 6.14 %
Picnic Panic 93.5 % 6.50 %
Penguins in Paradise 93.49 % 6.51 %
Pirate Plunder 93.0 % 7.00 %
Blackbeard's Gold 92.98 % 7.02 %
Pot O' Gold 92.0 % 8.00 %
Dragon Parade 91.79 % 8.21 %
Siberian Siren 91.51 % 8.49 %
Spinning 7's 90.02 % 9.98 %
Dragon 8s 89.99 % 10.01 %
Spin 'n Win 88.0 % 12.00 %
The Zombies 76.27 % 23.73 %

Amaya Slots RTP

Amaya has some high-RTP slots, among which are “Vampires vs Werewolves” with 98% RTP and “Taxi!” with 97% RTP.

Unfortunately, not all of the provider's slots offer such a big RTP. Most of Amaya’s slots have quite low levels of RTP (which is lower than average on the market, to be more precise, lower 96%). For instance, the following slots have low and very low RTP: Shogun Showdown with 95% of RTP, Desert Dreams with 94.5% of RTP, Fantasy Realm with 93.91 RTP and others.

I couldn’t find slots that the company has released since 2017. Probably, since that time it began to use its new name.

Until 2017 it released about 5-10 games per year, which is not bad, especially taking into account that it specialised in land-based casino software and B2B solutions.

Amaya Gaming can’t boast super-high RTP. It doesn’t mean that the gaming experience will be unsatisfactory, because it can boast high-possible winnings including progressive jackpots. As a result, a player can win life-changing money which is an even more attractive offer than safe, but almost unprofitable gameplay.

Actually, the library of Amaya’s provider is pretty big. It certainly can make players with different preferences happy.

Slot Features

Speaking about the most popular slot games of this provider and the features that are used in these slots, I would stress out that I couldn’t find the latest games of Amaya. So, I will consider only quite old games made during 2010-2017. Among these games, the most popular games are Jade Idol, So Hot, Bars and Bells and Alladin’s legacy.

Honestly speaking, these games are not the best games ever made in the online gambling field, but they are engaging, bright, and simple. Moreover, they offer lucrative prizes.

In fact, the features of the slots games are really simple. They include the following popular features: Scatter, Wild, Bonus symbol, Bonus game, Substitution symbols and others.

I suppose, there is no need to describe these features. As I’ve said, they are standard and widely used (almost in every slot game).

Probably, you can find more fascinating features in other provider’s games. But sometimes it is cool to play a 5-reel standard-looking slot with a pleasant design and simple interface.

Security and fairness

As I’ve said above, The Stars Group has valid licenses from at least 17 jurisdictions and consequently, its fairness and transparency are checked regularly by different regulatory bodies.

It is said on the official website of the provider that they take all possible measures to create a safe, honest and fair environment for the best gameplay experience of their players.

It is also said that the Security team of the company consists of more than 300 people, and this team uses the proprietary fraud management systems 24 hours a day seven days a week to prevent malicious activity on their websites.

The following measures are used by the Security team of the Stars group: third-party tool policy, transaction analysis, registration, verification and validation, recording all hand deals on PokerStars, Bot prevention, play-time security and some other measures that help the company to remain one of the most trusted and secure members of this market.

It is impossible to find the reputational issues related to the Stars Group because its Security team puts all its efforts to solve the problems 24/7.

Sound and graphics

Of course, now the website and the games of The Stars Group have the perfect design and can boast high quality and implemented innovations. In the 2010s the company’s slots didn’t look as good as they look today.

The design of the games often was pretty standard. It surely can’t be called the best design ever. Moreover, the used soundtracks were quite undistinguished from the sounds of other games. It doesn’t mean that they were made badly. They offer a very good quality, I just want to say that they have nothing special.

So, such games as Savannah Sunrise, Siberian Siren and others can be considered quite attractive.

Mobile compatibility

The games of Amaya software are mobile-friendly. Obviously, the first gems of the provider have to be opened only in Flash player, but all modern games that are mobile compatible. So, they can be found in online casinos that offer games from this provider.

Actually, such brands as PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker have their own mobile apps that offer the games of Amaya software.

Company history and perspectives

The history of Amaya Inc. started in 2004 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. As I’ve mentioned, it offered B2B services and made products for both land-based and online casinos.

In 2014, the company’s head David Baazov bought the parent company of PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker.

During all the time, Amaya Inc. has been developing. It made different partnerships, created table games, video poker, slots and betting products. Moreover, I’ve already said that it successfully gained licenses from about 20 countries and became one of the safest companies in the gambling market.

As for the library of the company, the games have been constantly added to the existing portfolio.

The company became a big trustworthy member of the market. And eventually, it was also acquired by a bigger firm. In 2019, Flutter Entertainment acquired The Stars Group. The deal was completed in May 2020. So, currently, it is a part of a big corporation under the Flutter Entertainment name.


Amaya Inc. is a world-known provider that has been on the market for less than a couple of decades. During this time it changed its name a couple of times. Its last name was The Stars Group. It was acquired by a bigger market’s member Fluffer Entertainment.

The table games and video slots of this provider have very good quality. They don’t offer a super-big RTP, but their big possible winnings can certainly impress the players who prefer high-risk games.

The main advantage of Amaya (The Stars Group) is the security that it always ensures properly.

As for disadvantages, today this company was acquired by another one, so we will not see its new releases anymore. Though, it is a part of a new company, so we shouldn’t worry that such a good company will no longer exist. It will exist but as a part of a global corporation. So, we will be able to enjoy the result of its team's effective business in the future.

Reviewed by: Dmitrii Barca