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Rating: 8.1

Established: 2013

Regulators: Curacao E-Gaming (N.V. 1668/JAZ)

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Not all gambling start-ups grow into anything more than just another slot machine studio for online casinos. Five Men Games is a striking representative of what is still possible to gain popularity in a short period. The main prerequisite for this is the desire to give users completely new emotions and a good mood.

The studio was founded in 2013 in Prague, Czech Republic. It was founded by several people with a passion for gambling. The company's experienced specialists strive to create the perfect software, from a carefully crafted concept to in-depth mathematics testing. Since it's the video slots that draw the most love among players, the provider's chosen direction has become obvious. It is these games that are added to its portfolio each month.

It is no secret that the players' interests have changed dramatically in the last decade. And this is already giving the specialists' imaginations a chance to fly as high as their current expertise will allow. More than 30 employees with expertise in design, creativity, sound, maths, directing, gaming and casual games come together day in and day out in a cosy office. Their main aim is to show how exciting not only modern games but also classic ones, can be. The competent approach to work and staff selection has quickly paid off. The company's video slots have repeatedly been recognised at various exhibitions and awards.

Best online casinos with 5men slots (2024)

Last Updated: Sept. 9, 2023


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Rating: 9.73

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How I chose best Five Men Games casinos

The first thing that might catch the eye of a newcomer is the variety of remote casino brands. This is indeed the case. There are more than 1,000 establishments. Some have been around for years or even decades, others close after a couple of years, while others are constantly changing their name/site format/design to become a new name in the industry. The biggest concern among players should be the third parties in the industry, as they are unreliable casinos. They introduce fraudulent schemes to cash out players' money. Unfortunately, getting to the owners of such establishments is still unrealistic.

If you don't want to fall victim to such gambling clubs and value your time, money and nerves, go to any casino on my list. This is a collection of only reliable establishments. I sorted them using several criteria:

  • An excellent reputation among players and partners. Creating a good reputation among the players is particularly difficult. It requires hard work and the ability to solve problem situations in such a way that the user has no complaints about the outcome of the decision. In addition, the operator's daily actions are evaluated. No casino wants to lose a good reputation

  • The existence of a valid license. To verify it, I used information from the digital seal and also checked its authenticity. The license confirms the casino's intention to operate with integrity

  • The original Five Men games give us confidence in the course of the game, as it will be guaranteed to be fair. Even if we lose, we can talk about the fairness of the results

  • The ease and speed of going through the KYC. I have found your names where this procedure is as standard as possible and would not normally require you to provide additional documents

  • SSL encryption of the casino website will give you confidence in your security. No hacker will be able to break into the system to steal personal data. This security method is also used in banking structures

  • A good selection of bonus and promotional offers for those who like attention and gifts from the casino of their choice. The number of options for rewards for certain actions is not limited to the most popular ones - cashback, tournament, races, deposit bonuses, etc

  • A variety of payment systems to make payments as convenient as possible

  • Large limits guarantee you even faster payouts than at most gambling clubs

  • Fast payouts will allow you to cash out in an adequately short period

  • Support is available in several versions so that every user can get the help they need quickly and easily.

It has been noted from experience that checking a casino against these criteria virtually eliminates getting into a dishonest gambling site.

Five Men Games online casino websites

The studio's promotion is based on its integration platform. This somewhat worsens the company's position in the industry, as it has to increase its presence in online casinos in Asia, Latin America and the European Union in small steps. It will probably be a few more years before we can talk about the developer's worldwide popularity. For now, its efforts and connections in iGaming circles have allowed it to spread its presence to the sites of almost 100 operators. The studio seems to be on the right track, as that number shows a good interim summary of just a few years of work.

The provider's portfolio is incredibly varied. However, if you want to combine pleasant recreation with rewarding winnings, you'll have to work a little harder. Know what I mean? What I'm talking about now is that you have to choose the name responsibly. Evaluate it not only in terms of prize options, winning potential, and interesting plot, but also its RTP. The higher this parameter is, the more chances you have to enjoy the game and its payouts.

Five Men Games online casino bonuses and promos

The sign up bonus has become an integral part of any online casino. Such an offer allows you to attract a customer and show them what's going on inside the playground. More often than not, in establishments with Five Men Games software, the user is rewarded with additional cash. Alternatively, it could also be Free Spins of up to 500 units or a combination of the two. In the case of cash gifts, you will be able to wager them on any of the company's video slots. What's more, it's the preferred option, as every penny counts.

After wagering the sign up bonus, any player has a legitimate question: should they look for a new casino or stay here? And in that case, it's a good idea to evaluate a site you already know for further rewards. The better the bonus program, the more interesting it will be to stay there. Brands that use this professional studio's games are also prepared to offer you types of bonuses such as Free Spins, account upgrades for deposits, birthday gifts, and rewards for loyal customers. These are complemented by promotions with a competitive spirit - tournaments, and races.

How to play at Five Men Games casinos

If you are already interested in the developer's games, then it's time to take decisive steps. The first thing you can do is find a reliable gaming club. As I told you earlier, there are some really bad establishments among all their variety. To avoid further difficulties, choose only good brands from my list. As an alternative to this option, I can suggest searching for yourself. In that case, make sure you have plenty of free time.

Once your search is complete, the process of approaching the cash games will be the same. First, you have to create an account and identify yourself using the appropriate procedure. In this way, you will already assess your chances of unconditional transfer of your winnings at the very beginning. If the outcome is positive, proceed with depositing your account. Wait for the money to arrive and discover a world of exciting slot machines with a variety of bonus options.

Five Men Games casinos FAQ

Are Five Men Games casinos safe?

Online security is achieved in various ways, of which SSL protocols are the most effective. This type of protection for personal data and financial transactions is common to most modern websites, including Five Men partners. To make sure the site is secure, pay attention to the address bar in your browser before you register. If you see an image of a lock, you are guaranteed to be protected.

Are there mobile Five Men Games casinos?

The mobile casino has become an integral part of developers' offerings in recent years. This studio takes every step to ensure that its production sites are as dynamic and accessible as the products themselves. You can download partner portals on all devices.

Can I play Five Men Games games for real money?

The provider's games are available in free mode. But is that interesting if you're aiming for real payouts? The desire for real money should eventually lead you to a version of slots available for real bets.

Best 5men Slots (Highest RTP/Payout %)

Juicy Rainbow Online Slot Logo
RTP: 96.0% (Good)
Volatile: medium
Max win: x382
Wilds of Asia Online Slot Logo
RTP: 95.5%
Volatile: medium
Max win: x1,022
Drunk Rabbit Online Slot Logo
RTP: 95.5%
Volatile: high
Max win: x2,294
Valley of Ra Online Slot Logo
RTP: 95.2%
Volatile: high
Max win: x5,000
Monkey Mines Online Slot Logo
RTP: 95.2%
Volatile: medium
Max win: x1,016
Nordic Queen Online Slot Logo
RTP: 95.0%
Volatile: medium
Max win: x1,230
Eye of Babylon Online Slot Logo
RTP: 95.0%
Volatile: high
Max win: x610
Crime and Punishment Online Slot Logo
RTP: 95.0%
Volatile: medium
Max win: x765
Chupacabra Online Slot Logo
RTP: 95.0%
Volatile: high
Max win: x1,662
Gates of Shambala Online Slot Logo
RTP: 95.0%
Volatile: medium
Max win: x1,277
Democracy Online Slot Logo
RTP: 94.9%
Volatile: medium
Max win: x510
Sunny Fruits Online Slot Logo
RTP: 94.9%
Volatile: low
Max win: x505
Book of Marx Online Slot Logo
RTP: 94.8%
Volatile: high
Max win: x5,131
Ara The Handsome Online Slot Logo
RTP: 94.8%
Volatile: high
Max win: x5,131
Rat Kingdom Online Slot Logo
RTP: 94.7%
Volatile: medium
Max win: x5,065
Fruit Bazaar Online Slot Logo
RTP: 94.6%
Volatile: medium
Max win: x1,001
Big Brother Online Slot Logo
RTP: 94.5%
Volatile: medium
Max win: x2,000
Woland Online Slot Logo
RTP: 94.1%
Volatile: low
Max win: x400
Bhagavad Gita Online Slot Logo
RTP: 94.1%
Volatile: high
Max win: x1,240
Boiling Reels Online Slot Logo
RTP: 94.0%
Volatile: medium
Max win: x1,010
5men Slot Name RTP % House Edge % Casinos List
Euphoria Fruits 97.29 % 2.71 %
Kuponovka 96.83 % 3.17 %
Book of Pumpkin 96.0 % 4.00 %
Juicy Rainbow 96.0 % 4.00 %
Glory to Ukraine 96.0 % 4.00 %
Vegas Vegas 96.0 % 4.00 %
Gods of Egypt 95.75 % 4.25 %
Wilds of Asia 95.53 % 4.47 %
Snakes Toads 95.53 % 4.47 %
Gamblers 95.5 % 4.50 %
Drunk Rabbit 95.46 % 4.54 %
Kamasutra 95.45 % 4.55 %
Pixel Fruits 2D 95.39 % 4.61 %
Mama Africa 95.36 % 4.64 %
Mystic Lady 95.2 % 4.80 %
Viy 95.2 % 4.80 %
Monkey Mines 95.16 % 4.84 %
Valley of Ra 95.16 % 4.84 %
Santa Joker 95.12 % 4.88 %
Dr. Mouse 95.0 % 5.00 %
Princess of The Nile 95.0 % 5.00 %
Dikanka 95.0 % 5.00 %
Nordic Queen 95.0 % 5.00 %
Boiling Reels 95.0 % 5.00 %
Eye of Babylon 95.0 % 5.00 %
Crime and Punishment 95.0 % 5.00 %
Three Cossacks 95.0 % 5.00 %
Chupacabra 95.0 % 5.00 %
Mars Invasion 95.0 % 5.00 %
Robinzon 95.0 % 5.00 %
Devil's Symphony 95.0 % 5.00 %
Cortezs Quest 95.0 % 5.00 %
Hedonism 95.0 % 5.00 %
Gates of Shambala 94.98 % 5.02 %
Northern War 94.95 % 5.05 %
Lucky Camgirls Charm 94.95 % 5.05 %
AB-CD 94.94 % 5.06 %
Democracy 94.94 % 5.06 %
Electro Fruits 94.91 % 5.09 %
Sunny Fruits 94.91 % 5.09 %
Fruity Boobs 94.9 % 5.10 %
Christmas Queen 94.9 % 5.10 %
Hurrem Sultan 94.89 % 5.11 %
El Presidente 94.81 % 5.19 %
Book of Marx 94.79 % 5.21 %
Ara The Handsome 94.79 % 5.21 %
Book of Ulugh Beg 94.79 % 5.21 %
Book of Domination 94.79 % 5.21 %
Rat Kingdom 94.7 % 5.30 %
Pussy Cats 94.7 % 5.30 %
Boiling Hot 94.68 % 5.32 %
Renaissance Fruits 94.64 % 5.36 %
Fruit Bazaar 94.64 % 5.36 %
Aliens and Pyramids 94.63 % 5.37 %
Pivnice 94.63 % 5.37 %
Big Brother 94.54 % 5.46 %
Return of the Kohinoor 94.54 % 5.46 %
Fruits n Appetizers 94.5 % 5.50 %
Fruithead 94.46 % 5.54 %
Exotic Fruits 94.46 % 5.54 %
Troloslots 94.45 % 5.55 %
So Serious Joker 94.41 % 5.59 %
Lucky Janusz 94.26 % 5.74 %
Forza 94.16 % 5.84 %
Woland 94.14 % 5.86 %
Kawaii Queen 94.09 % 5.91 %
Bhagavad Gita 94.07 % 5.93 %
Santa Joker II 94.07 % 5.93 %
Chernobyl 94.03 % 5.97 %
Joker's Garden 94.0 % 6.00 %
Forever Boiling 94.0 % 6.00 %
Holy Fruits 94.0 % 6.00 %

Five Men Games Slots RTP

The average RTP of the Five Men gaming catalog is 94-95%. It is an indicator that defines the percentage ratio of all bets made by players over a long period (about 1 million spins) to the number of payouts for a similar number of rounds. It essentially gives an estimate of the player's chances of actually receiving payouts in the selected game. In addition, based on the known payout percentage of the slot machine, you can estimate the advantage of the casino. It is calculated from the difference between 100% and the percentage of RTP.

An average RTP of 94-95% for the studio's video slots indicates a serious flaw on the part of the provider. A normal RTP is 96% and higher. This rate of return strikes an adequate balance between the player's profitability and the casino's advantage. As you understand, in general, the games of the studio are at such a level of RTP, that they can be recommended with great caution.

Five Men Games Slots

The provider's entire gaming library is represented by 5, 6 and 3 reel titles with 3-4 rows. The classic Paylines payout mechanics are used to create a complete slot machine picture. This order in the studio's portfolio will appeal to fans of simplicity. While Five Men specialists have not turned to one of the most popular mechanics Progressive Jackpot. Instead, their portfolio features fairly standard payouts on 5-243 paylines with the opportunity to win the biggest payout at a multiplier of x5,210. Unfortunately, this highest multiplier in the studio's portfolio is unlikely to appeal to casual slot machine enthusiasts. But it's the highrollers who are going to be impressed. Playing at the maximum bet on most of the models can raise your balance quite a bit.

Looking at the studio's portfolio comprehensively, mention must be made of its volatility. What the company has tried to provide variety in is the levels of risk. You will find an excellent selection of titles with Low, Medium, and High risk. This is one parameter that you need to keep in mind especially when you have a small balance. If you want to gamble, and your financial situation allows you to wait for a long losing streak to end, choose games with High volatility. If your balance is too low, there is no need to take any chances, so choose games with Low volatility. This will keep you out of a bad mood and ensure that if you don't win big money, you don't lose it all.

How to Play Five Men Games Slots

While the mechanics are simple, newcomers will find it quite difficult to figure out the bet amount settings. The total bet is formed based on three control elements:

  • Lines - activate the required number of paylines

  • Bet - here you select the value of the bet per active line

  • Credit - the number of credits per coin.

The studio's slots of bets range from 0.01 USD to 2,000 USD. The interface features Autoplay as an optional feature. Point the special slider on the screen towards "On" and simply watch what happens. Be careful and do not forget to keep an eye on your balance, as this mode does not involve the elements of responsible play. You do not have the option of setting limits.

Best 10 Five Men Games Slots of All Time

I ranked 10 slots out of the company's fast-growing portfolio. I included the highest-yielding titles from the entire range. The titles included in the ranking are:

  • Euphoria Fruits is a slot machine made up of a riot of colors, an RTP of 97.29% and the highest bet multiplier of x1,500

  • Kuponovka - the model offers a payout of 96.83% and an opportunity to increase the balance by a maximum bet multiplier of x788

  • Juicy Rainbow - a video slot that brings together classics, neon lights, an RTP of 96% and a chance of getting 382 times the bet

  • Book of Pumpkin offers a return of 96% and the potential to earn the player x1,528 times the stake

  • Wilds of Asia - a game with an Asian flavour, an RTP of 95.53% and the ability to bring the player an amount greater than 1,000 times the bet

  • Snakes Toads - the machine includes in its parameters a yield to the player of 95.53% of all bets and, additionally, a betting odds of x1,000

  • Drunk Rabbit is a slot machine with an RTP of 95.46% and the potential to become richer by a factor of 2,294 from the size of the winning bet

  • Kamasutra is a video slot dedicated to an ancient Indian treatise teaching about love and the sensual sphere of human life. Includes an RTP of 95.45% and betting potential of x1,726

  • Pixel Fruits 2D is the model with an RTP of 95.39% and the best bet multiplier of x1,020

  • Viy - the name has a fixed return of 95.2% of all bets and a chance of winning an amount greater than 1,000 times the bet.

As you may have noticed, our ranking cannot be called excellent. It contains a large number of slot machines with insufficiently attractive RTP. What to do about it is up to you and your experience.

Five Men Games Slots List

The first Five Men video slot saw the light of day in February 2020, a few months after the studio opened. One of the developer's goals is to build fame as the fastest-growing portfolio in the world. Overall, I would note that they are incredibly close to that. In almost 3 years, the company has created over 60 video slot variants available in 40 countries. It comes out that the average growth rate of the studio's portfolio exceeds 20 slot machines. You can only imagine the level of the workload of its employees if at that rate it manages to release 1-2 titles a month. This rate of portfolio expansion is the envy of even large established software companies.

Fairness of Five Men Games Slots

Technology has long since advanced. They make gambling on the internet as reliable and honest as possible. There is one condition for this - the software has to be certified, i.e. tested for RNG quality. For this purpose, there are various governmental or international laboratories. Experimental tests are carried out there to ensure that the declared slot parameters match the actual ones and that the symbol formation software is fair.

The provider openly states on its website that all its products comply with all international norms regarding technical details as well as RNG operation. At the same time, I cannot trust this information, as it is impossible to verify it. In this case, I suggest players choose those gaming sites where the software has been tested, including the casino operator. Information of this kind you will find in the footer of the site.

Five Men Games slots features

The gaming company defines its work as combining modern technology with classic and accepted methodologies. To this definition, we can refer prize options, some of which have long been called classics and others the standard. All of this is complemented by modern technology, making the games accessible and comfortable to use. The company's games feature:

  • Bonus Bet, Wild (Euphoria Fruits)

  • Free Spins Mode Choosing, Free Spins Multiplier (Lucky Janusz)

  • Additional Free Spins, Stack (Kuponovka)

  • Avalanche, Bonus symbols, Free Spins, Multiplier, Symbol Swap (Juicy Rainbow)

  • Scatter symbols, Sticky Wilds (Drunk Rabbit)

  • Substitution Symbols, Free Spins Multiplier, Multiplier (Green Hat)

  • Walking Symbols, Moving Wilds, Wild (Robinzon)

  • Risk/Gamble (Double) game (Forever Boiling)

  • Bonus symbols, Expanding Symbols (Rat Kingdom)

  • Gamble, Respins (Aliens and Pyramids).

Can I play Five Men Games games on mobile devices?

Five Men Games is one of the latest representatives of modern iGaming. The studio makes sure that its products are always at the users' fingertips. All games are adapted for mobile devices and tablets running on both Android and iOS. If you are not yet familiar with how video slots work in the mobile version, be sure to check out the games of this studio. You're sure to appreciate the user-friendliness of the interface, the quality of the images and the 24/7 availability.

Sound and Graphics of Five Men Games slots

I am very pleased with the studio's approach to choosing each successive story. It doesn't stop at one theme but looks for new ideas. Thus games with themes of Chornobyl, Holy Fruit (yes, you're not mistaken!), games of the late 20th century, characters from short stories and TV series, historical events and many more, which you won't find in the portfolios of other manufacturers, have appeared. At the same time, unusual storylines are embedded in the classic slot machine design style. If you like simplicity in design, an absence of complex soundtracks and maximum evocation of the past, Five Men products are made for you.


Mobile 5men casinos

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New 5men casinos

BetsIO Cashback 25% #Best New 5men casino Visit!
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Final thoughts

Five Men Games is a company focused on creating high-quality video slots. There are no other types of games in the portfolio yet, but that's obvious as long as the studio comes up with more and more new ideas. This developer specialises in unusual themes, often bordering on humour. The experience of the owners and their connections in the industry encourage them to move quickly and only forwards. If a studio wants to gain popularity not only among its partners but also among the players, it would do well to reconsider its view on the RTP of its products. In the vast majority, it is not high enough. If they fix this problem, which is a real problem for users, it will probably improve the user experience of their products.

Chief editor: Dmitrii Stevenson