Won't pay me my winnings

Casino: Icecasino

Claim ammount: 1259 CAD

Him my name is Melanie Beland. I've been playing at your casino for a few years now . I have been playing with online casinos for years. I definitely know the rules and regulations and the rights of players of casinos. Not every casino I've played with was great and that's why I play with very select few and trust certain casinos. I had my fair share of having disputes and I will fight for my rights as well as being paid my winnings that I rightfully deserve and won by honesty and sincerity. I was kyced at ice casino a few years ago. I always play with interact e-transfer. I played a last year a few times with my debit card which was my visa debit bank card. I never once had a problem depositing my money okay or withdrawing my money with you guys I've always used interact but time and time again like I said last year a couple times I used my Visa debit now people do lose their cards it's normal and you know to be put on the spot a year later when I'm making a withdrawal because I won April 9th 2023 all of a sudden I'm being asked to provide my Visa debit card from a year ago for a transaction from a year ago which I uploaded the bank statement but it's impossible to retrieve a bank card that I had lost now the guy that had spoke with an agent on live chat was extremely rude to me and he told me that my financial institution could reproduce expired cards or lost cards which is absolutely ludicrous because we all know they can't do that and to think that I've been playing with you guys for a while and already knowing that I'm verified why would he just randomly ask me a question about a deposit I made with my own bank card knowing that I am like I said already verified and wanting to know about me using my own bank card but now April 9th 2023 you know like now it's a problem not back then it sure as hell not a problem when I've I've deposited all kinds of money to you guys and when I want to withdraw my money I have a problem so this is what I don't get I use interact with each transfer I uploaded all my documents I uploaded all the documents that prove that I made a transfer on April 9th okay for $35 and I won $1,259 I am entitled to that money because I want it fair and square I have been verified like I said for a few years with you guys I've never had a problem once with you guys then all of a sudden out of out of nowhere comes this random question we need you to provide us a passport picture of yourself which I don't own a passport cuz I don't travel I don't travel cuz I can't afford it and not to mention I don't like to fly because I have extreme obsessive compulsive disorder and agoraphobia so I don't fly so therefore I don't own a passport I don't leave my country I live in Montreal Quebec Canada okay so they know this because I had already gave them my identification card and I've already was verified with it so it was okay a few years ago now I'm being asked for a passport and for my Visa debit card that I used a year ago when I'm withdrawing money that I won April 9th by interact I find it very insulting rude him telling me that there's absolutely no way I can get my money until that verification is provided I provided all the necessary documents he asked for not to mention I don't even know why he's even asking me that at this moment that happened a year ago and I can't provide a debit card that I lost and replaced with the new one I I gave them the bank statement that shows the transaction that I made with the deposit with that bank card okay I showed him the statement the bank statement that I made the deposit on June 1st okay of 2020 I gave him that bank statement and that wasn't good enough you know they need the actual card which is you know I don't get it because why am I getting harassed and bombarded with such absurd demands okay just for a verification which I've already been there for and which doesn't make any sense because to me I've been playing there like I said for a few years and I've never had a problem before and now all of a sudden they just ask for this you know like and if I don't provide that debit card they're not going to give me my money that doesn't make any sense to me because like this was a year ago and I've already been verified years ago and I've already been playing with interact and playing since day one time and time again there's absolutely nothing wrong with making a deposit with my own debit card that belongs to me okay to play I mean back then it was okay but now a year later they're asking me for my debit card and they're asking me for things that right then and there they should have asked me for okay if they were so worried and concerned that I was some big bad like you know scam artist but we all know that the way this is coming about I'm feeling like you guys are scamming me and I don't think it's appropriate I don't think it's professional I think it's absolutely impolite to talk to people in such a manner where you feel like you're being judged or you feel like you're being discriminated against. Anyways I uploaded all my documents once again like I said I've already been kyc'd but I've already uploaded my documents I've uploaded the documents that they even asked for that were from a year ago and you know what I don't get is I just won on April 9th 2023 why am I getting asked to show documents from June 1st 2022 does that make sense so I don't think it's right I'd like some answers I'd like to receive my withdrawal I've already made a complaint this is not the first time and I'm not my first rodeo with casinos who tried to pull fast ones on me I've been loyal I've been appropriate I've never been rude or ill minor towards anybody at the casino but now it's starting to really bother me that every time I win because it's not the first time I won with you guys okay and I've never been questioned before now you guys have my my name my address my pictures everything matches up I just don't see why I'm being asked for something a year ago when I have a winning pending that I'd like to have deposited into my bank account because I want it fair and square and I have uploaded all the necessary documents that you asked for and I did provide it which I didn't have to because it was from a year ago but you know I'm not that type of person I mean if I had something to hide I would never give you those documents to begin with so obviously I have nothing to hide so you know I'm going to issue those documents to you guys which I did and I still get rude comments and I have all the screenshots from from your agent talking to me very rude and and and and telling me that there's no there's no way that I'm going to get my money unless I provide that bank card that was used a year ago I'm sorry but that's not how you work with your customers by not paying them at all or threatening to not pay them at all because you can't provide them a bank card which was from a year ago that I had lost and then to be asked to get it from my financial institution and telling me that my financial institution is able to pull up expired expired cards or you know or lost cards you know and they can just produce them it doesn't make any sense and that is illegal by the way so not to mention so what I'm trying to get at is this has absolutely nothing with my winnings now and I've been playing with you guys for years so I'd like this taken care of as soon as possible because I feel ridiculed I feel absolutely discriminated against I've already filed a complaint it's not my first rodeo okay I'm telling you some casinos they just you know they don't understand tonight and I and I give him the benefit of the doubt and I and I tell them you know what you're doing is absolutely wrong and it's not right so please take into account what I'm telling you is absolutely 100% true when I say I have no problems escalating this to a point where your 10 on 10 rating is not going to be a 10 on 10 and not to mention that when you are being told that I can't get my winnings because of a card a year ago I think that's illegal I think that's fraudulent and I think that's being scammed and that's wrong and I and that is illegal so I like to have my money I've never had a problem like this before I already been verified and I will repeat myself over and over again for you guys to understand that I mean ask to provide a card a Visa debit card from a year ago that I used to deposit on my own casino account from my own Visa debit you know it it doesn't make sense and that was a year ago but I have a winning now and all of a sudden it's a problem and I'm being asked about the card my debit card I use a year ago does that make any sense to you because it makes sense to me so please rectify this as soon as possible because I I have already made a complaint I told you and I will stick by my complaint and I will get my money because this is not right this is wrong thank you. Regards Melanie Beland.