Withdrawal verification dispute

Casino: Fight Club Casino

Claim ammount: 4000 AUD

So I began playing by depositing with a card from Bank Australia- now I have lost the card.
I won't almost 5000aud that day, lost 2 and wanted to withdraw 3000. So I explained my situation about the card, they said I needed card to verify myself, the transaction etc etc...sent through a bank statement with the transaction, abd a copy of the card details from my online banking portal. Waited like half a day then , as I waited ,decided to play and lost all my winnings. So next day I decided to play again,this time with a CBA card and won again, this time almost 4500aud. So I wanted to withdraw 4000. I sent in all the required documents, but , still yet, they were making difficult for me, saying I needed to upload a photo of the BA card, I explained this to maybe 8 different customer service agents. Nobody could actually help me, then I received a phone call from one of their executives and he was asking about my withdrawal and to tell me I had some bonuses available, if I wanted to play some more,I explained the situation to him and he said that he would talk to the relevant people. Nothing done. The following morning I receive an email from a lady that is a manager in their VIP section. And she seemed like she would help get my winnings,and said that if I sent through a bank statement with the transaction details and card number, that it would get processed without any issues,but no... I spent two hours on the phone to Bank Australia, they expedited the bank statement because it was not yet available online and hoped for my sake, that it would be sufficient. So I uploaded the statement, my ID again and requested a withdrawal.... but no, they kept on going on about the card, that I needed to upload it.... This has been very stressful to say the least. I do hope that somehow you can help me, because it is not fair... I won, fair and square. Without any bonus, without any free spins, with a new card and bank... I have sent through more than enough documents to verify that it is me....

Please please help... I was victim to a online robbery 3 days ago and wasn't with no money at all.......... I have a 3 year old boy that I need to support.. Hope you can assist Thank you for taking the time to read .. Kind regards Eduardo Rojas +61479185579