Withdrawal illegally rejected for more than 03 months without solution - all requirements duly fulfi

Casino: PlayFastCasino

Claim ammount: 1760 BRL

Dear Sirs,

  1. on 14/12/2012 I made a deposit of R$ 140.00 with the first deposit promotion of 100% and so I got a balance of R$ 280 (two hundred and eighty reais), that is, R$ 140 of real balance and R$ 140 of bonus that was available for the first deposit. Link to the promotion: https://playfastcasino.com/promotions?modal=3.Welcome_Sports

  2. Thus I made the first bet on 12/14/2022 value of $ 280 (coupon 1397460097) and the bet was a winner, totaling the value of $ 728.00.

  3. On 12/15/2022 I placed another bet of $ 728.00 (coupon 1398844886) and again the bet was a winner, totaling the value of $ 1,334.71.

  4. Finally, on 12/16/2022 I placed another bet of R$ 1,075.00 (coupon 1399928368) and it was a winner, totaling the value of this last bet to R$ 1,640.00.

  5. Of the three bets, were winning guesses, if you think I'm winning "too much" or "too much" limit me, but pay me what is due. Or if it is the case, remove only the bonus ($ 140.00), because I simply won the bets.

  6. The rollover of the initial promotion is R$ 1,960 is 7x (deposit and bonus), was fulfilled, since the bets were R$ 280.00 + R$ 728.00 + R$ 1,075.00, totaling the bet amount of R$ 2,083.00.

  7. At first I sent my ID document and a proof of residence. The thing is that when I requested the withdrawal it was rejected and I was asked to forward a selfie with the document next to my face. So I did it and forwarded again this new document to the site.

  8. After that they rejected the withdrawal again and asked me to forward an account of my phone number registered on the platform and I did it again, sending this new documentation as requested.

  9. Despite this, they finally rejected my withdrawal and cancelled all my winnings without any reason, they copied and pasted the terms without justifying their decision. This conduct of the house aims only to harm me and not make the payment, because I did not use any fraudulent way that they say. I attach to the complaint the e-mail with the reasons for the rejection of the withdrawal and cancellation of my winnings. Here I can not put because they are extensive reasons that the house copied and pasted without any basis.

  10. I also enclose all the e-mails that I have dealt with the house about the subject as well as all the receipts that I forwarded to the house with the transactions I made.

11 - I'm waiting and hope you can help me, since I did not break any of the rules cited by the site, because I play alone and the site did not inform me clearly which rule I broke, just copied and pasted several terms of the site, not even bothered to justify what it would be.

Thank you!