Will not let me rollover any balance so they can seize my balance

Casino: Powerplay.com

Claim ammount: 1150 CAD

I created an account on powerplay.com and deposited the 500 for the 500 cash bonus. Everything was fine but eventually my entire balanced moved to cash and my bonus balance is 0. Since my bonus balance is 0 I cannot roll over any bets since it's all in my cash balance. I've literally bet 600 the last 3 days and rollover not moved due to not using bonus funds. Emailed them 3 times and live chat and they give the same generic answer that they'll look into it. Worried as I only have a month to complete the rollover total but with no amount counting they will seize my balance. Any idea what I can do from here? Thanks in advance and sorry about the long message had no idea who to go to. Cheers and thanks in advance