Wild.io stole $6982.30 claiming i have 2 accounts

Casino: Wild.io

Claim ammount: 6982 USD

I created an account january 4th 2024. I created this account because im a frequent gambler and my friend refered me to this website. I get my account created, bought 200 in ltc litecoin, deposited into my wild.io account( after frss it was $193) and used the welcome bonus which gave me 110% deposit match but with a $8800 play through, beforei could redeem. I let the casino know my friend refered me. They gave him alot of free spins as reward for the referal. I then started playing. After awhile playing, i was up to $1000 then up to $3000. I looked to see hiw much more money i had to play through to be able to redeem. I cant remember exactly but i had only played $2000-$4000. So i had along way to go still. So i kept playing. I played on and off over the next 24hrs and it slowly worked me down. I was at $1500 when i seen i could finally make a redemption. I decide to risk it. I played it down to around $600 and i was getting worried. I started jumping around with my bet size. I was doing alright again, over 1000$ and i hit a bonus free spins betting $60, and won $5,742 and i had a total of $6944.53. Ithink i did one more spin and cashed out $6982.30 usd worth of lite coin. I got an email saying they would review and confirm my winnings. Im feeling good. Then a day later i got an email saying they took all my money because i made a second account. I have no idea where they got the notion from. I have never had account with them before. I tell them this. I tell them alot. I even explain if there is another account, that im unaware, its not me, and to give me information on this incase its identity theft situation, i could cancel cards. I send them pictures of my emails and email accounts for evidence im telling the truth. The blow all this off, refuse to help via live chat, and wait to repond, via email, until 9:40 a.m. today, jan 5th. This is what their email said

Hello there,

As a result of the investigation, it has been decided that the initial deposited amount will be returned to your account. As mentioned in the previous email, any previous gameplay has been declared void.

Moving forward you will still be able to use your account in order to deposit, play and withdraw your winnings without any issues.


The Wild.io Team

 I have asked over and over again for what evidence they have and to show me. I ask for any information. They give me nothing. They have no evidence because these were false accusations. I have never in my life made a second account through them or with them. They have stolen my money that i won, while playin the insane playthrough amount. I spent alot of time winning that. And they also only gave me  $173 back as a refund for the $193 i put on. They still havent followed up with a response to my request for any information on what they are talking about.
I want the money they stole from me. These people are absolutely unprofessional, they puposely delay responding to me. They accuse me of breaking rules, but they are theives and criminals, creating fabricated, make-believe, fantasy-land, and insulting, accusations that are impacting me and my foreseeable future.