VIP betting discrepency


Claim ammount: 3950 AUD

I have had my entire accounts cleared out by Pokiez ($3950) and Pokiemate ($4950) for placing what they believed to be illegal bets that were to high for normal gamblers whilst using bonus attached funds & only to be bet by VIPs.

Now not only were these bets made near the end of wagering and the existing funds had already been built by lower bets that they were calling legal but I wouldn’t knowingly jeopardise my winnings by deliberately gambling the wrong amount. These bets made very little impact to account winnings, in fact in the case of the Pokiez site it went backwards. They were very abrupt in declaring I was not yet part of the VIP club, so I sent them a screenshot of the website I looked at before joining their casino and it clearly states that any fully signed up member automatically becomes a VIP club member (Meaning the slightly larger bets were definitely legal from my view as an automatic VIP club member). So technically I was betting per my VIP status directed by Pokiez on sign up and any misrepresentation is on them not my winnings.

They were rude throughout the process, there was no communications before stripping my accounts and they were not interested in discussing the situation where if a mistake had been mad they could have as per their procedure taken all funds from the indiscretion (Suspect bets) onwards. But they would not discuss the issue and wanted the lot. I have also made it clear that I cant go back far enough in my history on their site to see these transactions (It times out after going back 2 days), but they won’t send me anything or help at all instead telling me that’s how its got to be done and they wont be sending me the transaction list. I wanted to see this because firstly I am suspect on whether I was already wagered on the Pokiez account before I made a few bets at $9 ($1 over max bet but under 20%, well under the $15 and 30% stated for VIP club members) followed by a few $12 bets later on.

I want my winnings ($8900) reinstated as I have bet per their VIP status given on sign up. If this is not possible due to default and my understanding of the VIP club has been misinformed, I would at least like a compromise where the casino takes the credit back to the amount at the time of their alleged indiscretion (Also an option listed in their terms that could have been exercised instead of taking all of my winnings) and we then to have an agreement on whether or not I’m entitled to VIP status as stated on the website used to join up.

Further to this There are also alot of holes in their procedure that require attention. Eg. stating that an amount "should not be greater" Doesn’t hold water like stating that it "must not be greater" etc. I have may screenshots should they be required for validating what I have said. It also states that any bets taken when the wager outlayed by myself is in credit the funds will be taken from that player outlayed pool of money before the bonus is touched & as I won almost immediately does this mean the bonus was never used even though it is attached to the wager ?? although the wording is ordinary I just want my winnings deposited back into my accounts