Unable to achieve bonus wager

Casino: Casino Marriott

Claim ammount: 1000 EUR

This is the 2nd time this has happened. I received a bonus of €87.5 and I needed to wager 40x. I have easily wagered this as I was up to 2.3k at one point and played €2/€3 at a time on slots at this point to get to the wager requirement quickly. I have been down as low as €500 but now back to 1k so it is impossible not to have played the wager requirements that are €3500. This happened before when I was give a free €10 which I made up to €800 and back down to nothing waiting for the wager to hit and it never did. I have made 30+ complaints on the online chat and sent email after email to their support address but never get any response. I am able to see the expired bonuses on my account but not able to see the active one, which I find very odd. The live chat people say they will check the requirements but are never able to. Now I am being told the back system is under maintenance.