They just canceled my balance on euro 7.600 and then not answering me.

Casino: Fantastik Casino

Claim ammount: 7600 EUR

Fantastik Casino cancelled my full balance on euro 7.600 during middle of the night 04:00 Saturday October 1 by claiming I have made one single bet on euro 30, which is more then 30% of my deposit. I know this is not true and I can proof it. I had auto- spin on when I play these sessions on the slot named Bangkok Dreams and I played in highest speed with euro 6 bet. I made totally 565 spins with same euro 6 bet on auto spin. And suddenly in the middle of all these spins there are one single spin on euro 30. Firstly it make no sense that I would do one single bet with euro 30 in the middle of all this. Secondly it couldn’t be done because the bet was according to the information done within same second as the spin before. You can see that each spin on euro 6 took one or two seconds between them. Then it’s psychically impossible to first stop the auto spin on euro 6 bet, then change the bet from euro 6 to euro 30, and then make a new spin on euro 30, in one and same second. This action would take at least some seconds to do. I can send pictures of it if you give me an mail.

It’s also note to mention that there where no winnings on that euro 30 fake bet and also that Fantastik casino have double information on theirs site about max bet. They partly say max 30%, but under another place called bonus terms they say that it’s not allowed placing bets equal to or greater than 30% of the value of the deposit ( or Bonus, Cash, VIP points, Free Spins) on other games than Slot Machines.