They blocked my account and stole my money

Casino: EnergyWin

Claim ammount: 23000 EUR


Please help! I reported 2 complaints to the casino that were not credited and my account was disabled. The 2 cases were as follows: One of the following: In the live broadcast of Lightning Roulette, on June 6, 2021, I signaled to the administrator that I had pressed the double button and the system bet on the number 1-18, so I lost the amount instead of winning.

At #18:59:56 (1.jpg), I placed my bet on the red bet, and then at 19:06:25 (2.jpg) I pressed the double bet button, which did not make the system red, but something else.a After that, I put the red on the other 2 bets as well.

19:07:07 (3.jpg)

19:07:52 (4.jpg)

According to the administrator, bets will be credited to my account. The casino does not want to credit the money to my account!

This is a total of HUF 6,000,000 together with the prize.

The other case: I reported the error to the casino who rejected my application and sent proof of what happened. The game took place four times in a row on June 1, 2021. It is a total of HUF 2,512,500. Table: Speed Roulette Game number: #19:57:08 HUF 512500 (8.jpg)

Table: Speed Roulette Game number: #19:56:39 HUF 500000 (7.jpg)

Table: Speed Roulette Game number: #19:56:15 HUF 1000000 (6.jpg)

Table: Speed Roulette Game number: #19:55:45 HUF 500000 (5.jpg)

I also attach the proof that I uploaded to the google driver about the case that actually happened at these bets.

At 27 seconds, I seem to be loading the bet. At 33 seconds it seems that the bets are closed, in the lower left corner it seems that the total bet is 250 HUF, at 37 seconds it seems that I have left the game at the accepted bet. Then at 50 seconds I saw the next track arrived, then I stepped back at 52 seconds and the history shows that the bet is not there. This also happened at the 4 bet stack because I wasn’t sure it would be good for that round and I would rather leave, but there he accepted the bet and also deducted it from my number. So it is a serious mistake in the system to accept once, not once.

The bets weren’t betting because I quit the bet so it should have been canceled! All in all, it’s a lot of money, and I also made a lot of money, checking every bet and accepting the bets carefully. I immediately notified the case managers who claim there was no error.

I also contacted the operator who informed me that they would signal to the casino to credit the amount. My account was disabled the next day and I don’t get an answer to my questions. The casino owes a total of HUF 8,512,500. Since then, I’ve been playing on another casino site where the operator fixed the bug I reported to them. They did not unfairly credit the errors, so they disabled my account. Therefore, I ask the casino to transfer the money to my bank account. Also, I don’t think the casino is licensed.


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