Software glitch meant demo play took actual money

Casino: Betswagger

Claim ammount: 176 GBP

My account balance was £210 and I started playing some of the free play slots in the Casino- I played a game called 2027 155 and after wards noticed my balance was £53 when I had played in free play- I double checked this by going back in and screen recoding where you can clearly see i press free play, after contacting betswagger they asked my to go into the game and take another screen recoding where I place a bet so I did and spun another £9 and you could see I pressed free play and yet my account was debited- I was then told I was wasting their time and had my account closed! Great customer service- I have screen recodings of this happening and also the email trail of their shocking service and just closed my account when they owe me money