Claim ammount: 1500 EUR

the first crypto casino i ever played and did not win 5€ all the live tables are manipulated in a way you get only one winning spin and right after that you go to zeroo .first 600€ i complaint about the games and that i did not win anything at all .i closed my acount by chat ,he was trying to keep me playing offering freespins i refused then after 2 days i requested acount reopenning they agreed only if i send an email and writing that it is my own responsibility i wanted to win my money back so i deed .then i deposited 900 in 3 deposits nothing my balance got killed in minutes no way this is gambling .like other crypto casino they all payed first or second deposit but this casino pay nothing .i have my concerns that they are scammers.praying on addicts from restricted countries .i requested my deposits back they should not reopen my acount again since i made them aware i have problems with the evolution games .they refused and told me it was my own choice .i am requesting my deposits back .i am at a point to go to curacao and hiri men and wage a war against these so called licensed and fair casinos .they are scammers period and it must stop.the houseedge should give them a good earnings why scamming and manipulating players results in favour of casino.all curacao crypto casinos are scam nothing else .that is why they all hiding there ready to runif exposed .if they are fair as they claim then let them apply for a reliable license and pay the fees and taxes.