Scam casino

Casino: Mr.James

Claim ammount: 3000 EUR

I deposited 120 euros and played the normal 2 games I play, book of sun choice and book of sun multichance. I won and withdrew 3000 euros which is the max for UK players. But my withdrawal was rejected and the money taken away as they said I bet more than 30% of my initial deposit. So from 120 euros I cannot place bets above 39 euros. I know this is a rule so that's why I deposited 120euros as the games I play have a max bet of 30 euros. When I checked my gameplay I found that a few of my bets have been added together to make it look like I had placed bigger bets. For example. It shows I placed a 90 euro bet and at the time I was spinning 2.50 euros, so what the casino has done is add 36 individual bets of 2.50 together to give the illusion of a 90 euro spin. It also shows I span 180 euros and 225 euros. The game max bet is 30 euros. I have explained this to the casino but they still say I wagered more than 30 % . If they can change the game history like this then there is no chance of winning ever.

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700 EUR

February 21, 2021