Run around on winnings owes

Casino: Lucky tiger

Claim ammount: 2700 USD

I submitted documents on the 9th of September for 3000.00 I was then told it would be 4 business days after account was verified which I got the email on the 10th of September stating my account has been verified...I have gotten the run around every since. I deposited $25 dollars and claimed on bonus...I have met my play thru on the bonus claimed...I was told to submitt all document that was listed numerous times by support only to find out that every time I submit documents the 4 business days start all over again...I have contacted support by email and live chat and it's al the same response...u have to wait for business days and we promise u will receive your winnings even tho it's been way more then allotted days given they still have my account in not allowed to withdrawl stage...and haven't heard from anybody only when I contact them..other then one time email from finance telling me to send missing documents which I have sent them so many times before they asked and after they asked me to send them. And again asnt told about the resubmitting documents starts the time over until a week and half later of me submitting them Every day cause I as told to because they hadn't received them