Responsible gaming

Casino: WildTokyo

Claim ammount: 850 EUR

As a compulsive gambler I try to find new oporrunieties to Play on a new casino. Found WildTokyo. First thing is they don't have any deposit and bet limits ,that they should have . We have in Germany new law,and all responsible casinos took those rules or don't make a service here. Second thing: as I found that WildTokyo is from the same casinos group,where I've asked for a Permanent ban (Stelario casino,dozenspins casino) wrote them email about my gambling addiction and info that I shouldn't be able to open the account here. Wasn't any reaction. The also lie that they are separate project. That's not true. On their Bonus T&C I have found a point 7 where is a info that " ..." :) Isn't it funny? I have a screenshot of this. Send them als proof ,as a answer came "thanx for founding mistake" :D what mistake? You are laying about separate project and you didn't check your Terms ...perhaps one have copied text from sister casino and didn't change that. On a second day it was still avalible(!!!) To Play and deposit money...they said I have to Ask via email about account closure because from your profileyou can't make this(!!!). Ask if info about gambling addiction wasn't enough? Answer was:no . Now a conclusion: terriblle casino ,with no responsibility and player protection. I'd like to get my deposits back since casino was informed about my gambling problems and self-exclusion on a sister sites.. Best regards D.