Report-Complain about casino


Claim ammount: 2300 EUR

Dear Sir or Madam My Name is Marios Pyknis and i am from Greece. With this mail i want impeach the bookmaker betadrian. About October of 2022 i registered for gambling to the provider I deposited and started play. At 8th of December of 2022 i made my 3rd withdrawal request for 600€ via crypto. After about a week i asked them why my request delays to complete. Then they answered that my account were under check and this procedure takes about a week. After a week this check finished and they found nothing illegal from my side. After that i asked my money and they said me that i have to keep gambling if i wanted to get paid (i had stop put bets for this 2 weeks) They blackmail me to gambling even i didn't want it if i wanted my money. ( i have the mail with this details) So i started bet again with the hope to get paid and that happened on 4th of January 2023. Then i put another withdrawal request at 5th of January 2023 for 1300€. Until 24th of January i didn't receive my withdrawal of 1300€ so i asked them why there is a delay to complete my withdrawal request. An employment via live chat encourages me to sent an e mail with note to check my case someone with the name Mr Logan. I did it and after some hours i received a mail wich said that my account suspended and all my money removed (including deposits) because they do not provide their services to my country. When i registered i state all my personal details and my country of origin. By the way until 24th of January i had 3 success withdrawal requests and many more deposits. Total on my account were 2300€ including 1300€ of payments request . All this practice is illegally. Their practices is to not pay of someone win. They find out suddenly that they don't provide their services on my country but they receive normally my deposits without any problem for my country of origin. I never hide my place of origin and my country of residence they know my personal detail. Even today a player of my country could register to They let you register to their site and if you lose everything is ok for them. They let you to deposit even you are from restricted country but if you win they accuse you for this and they stole the money.

I hope to help me because the right is on my side Thank you for your time and i am waiting for your answers