Report Admiralshark casino

Casino: Admiralshark online casino

Claim ammount: 14000 EUR

This is a message to inform you that casino should be removed from your site as users should be aware that this casino is a scam. I have been playing at the casino for many months make multiple deposits, j have sent documentation for verification, but when I finally decided to make a withdrawal of 14,000 euros and this is where everything went wrong. They asked me to resubmit documents which I did, but they kept on rejecting documents with one being bank statement with IBAN which I informed them that my statement does not have an IBAN number, this is also what I confirmed with my own bank. Their customer support didn’t reply to me when I asked for alternate documents, I did however sent them transactions showing deposits and statement of fees which contained the IBAN number, yet it was still rejected.

I have asked them over and over to provide details to raise a complaint, but they never replied.

I have lost a lot of money here and not being able to make a single withdrawal is very unfair and players need to be made aware of what to expect. Also their terms show that a maximum of $2000 can be processed per day, however I could only do a maximum of 500, even though each time I would request the withdrawal they would reject it.

As I said, I have all the emails to proof what I’m stating here.