Refused cashout, they don't want to returm funds

Casino: Bons

Claim ammount: 650 EUR

Hello! I hope that you will help to resolve the unpleasant situation. I have an issue with Bons casino. I can't resolve it since April 2021. There were NO good reasons for blocking my account, and even more so for refusing to return funds. So, I made the first deposit, played, and then withdrew money. Then I made a deposit again and my account was frozen without explanation. After I contacted their support, I was told that the account was blocked due to "systematic withdrawal of funds immediately after the minimum turnover ..." BUT IT'S FUNNY! I made only 1 cashout, what kind of systematicity are we talking about ??? To check how casino cashouts work and if there are any problems, I usually make my first withdrawal shortly after playing. This is quite normal for a person who has just started playing at a new casino. And apparently I was not in vain worried, since after the second deposit my account is being blocked ..... I have 650 Euros on my account in the casino. They demanded documents from me, I sent them everything that was requested, after which they requested additional documents from me ... This is too much, on what basis is this all done? They just don’t want to return the money? I didn't even have time to play, it was stupid block. Now, in fact, I don't really want to continue playing at this casino, it has established itself as NOT unreliable. I hope you can help me to return mu funds. After a long and fruitless communication with the casino support service, I wrote a complaint to the LatestCasinoBonuses forum on 04/26/2021 and I was told that Bons casino ignores all requests.

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Refused cashout, they don't want to returm funds

650 EUR

May 05, 2021