Playwise365 should be blacklisted


Claim ammount: 315000 INR

This casino claims as per website they have lightening withdrawals, and money is transferred almost instantly and maximum in 3 hours. I had three instances in last 4 months, when I requested for withdrawals. Everytime, it wasn't paid any attention, and next day when I check on its status, they would say via chat, there is a technical issue. And then after sometime to my surprise they return money to my balance, when followed up with customer care, they would ask to resubmit the request and then again it will be waiting for processing, after couple of days my first withdrawal arrived and then it happens everytime. In my last withdrawal which was 2 days back they again did the same thing and this time despite all the confrontation their chat support like a parrot keep saying the same thing, there is a technical issue which is causing the delay. So this is where I decided to stop playing with them, and suddenly from my balance INR8000 was taken away, when checked transaction details, there was a bet which I won wasn't settled, I complained with all screenshots and details and showing the evolution gaming history and they accepted their mistake and said it will be resolved in "SOMETIME", it's been two days already nothing happened. The keep giving new timeframes, latest one I got was 48-72 hours and they keep saying it's pending with some of their vendor. This casino is a joke, do not play here and I request relevant authorities to blacklist them.