No Payout After A Month, No Answers

Casino: 21 Grand

Claim ammount: 450 USD

Joined and deposited multiple times. First withdrawal request I sent my verification docs which were approved, but I canceled the withdrawal and played my winnings back. Was offered a deposit bonus which I accepted. Played and won, met playthrough and had hundreds over my allowable withdrawal. Requested the withdrawal and was told I needed to send my docs again. Days later I check in and am told they never received them despite being able to see the successful email in my sent folder. Sent them again and requested confirmation they were received. Account manager confirmed that my documents were received then accepted on October 24th. Was advised that withdrawals may take up to 18 business days to fully process.

November 15th I followed up and was told my withdrawal is still processing. I asked for an exact date for the 18th business day and was told that someone would check with financing to find out what was happening.

It is now November 19th. No response from the account manager or answers on an exact timeline. Customer service chat told me to cancel the withdrawal on my end and start the 18 days over again. No changes, no answers. Because this is my first withdrawal I used the support chat to guide me with exact instructions and confirm that my requested amount was correct and that I had met all requirements before requesting the withdrawal.