No explanation of withdraw cancellation

Casino: Vegasrush casino

Claim ammount: 700 USD

I deposited $35 to my empty vegasrush casino account with no bobus attached. I played on that deposit for 3 days and finally requested a withdrawal of $700. ( One month prior I had withdrew 1300 with no issues) two days passed and I received an email from vegasrush saying they canceled my withdraw with no reason behind it. So curious I asked live chat customer service. As well as got ahold of my LCB rep and had them look into it. This was a week ago. Customer service told me that the software they use automatically flags and cancels withdraws if it finds something weird. Yet they never told me or my LCB rep anything other then my accounts under audit. That's a very vague answer. From what I understand they should be able to tell me exactly what part of terms I may have violated. But since I know the answer is NONE they have refused to give me a legitimate reason. I've played here for two years deposited alot of money. As an honest patron who feels lied to, shit on, and robbed of the 3 days I played to get my winnings. Vegasrush just denies it with absolutely NO EXPLANATION WHATSOVER. TO ME OR THE REP APPOINTED TO HANDLE THESE THINGS. PLEASE HELP ME IM AN HONEST HAPPY PLAYER.