never got an asnwer to my complaint in almost 2 months

Casino: betnomi

Claim ammount: 500 EUR

In the day of 6 december i placed 2 bets( see screenshot) with the id: 2684177285 and 2684185781 , the bets were the amouth of throw ins for spain to be over 22.5 and 22.1 in that order.

If you check the screenshot "throw in stats from official sources" you can check clearly that spain had a total of 33 throw ins in that match so my 2 bets should be winning.

However when question why my bets were not settled as won the support decided they did not count extratime, however as you can see in the printscreen i sent they have no rules saying that extra time doesnt count to pre game bets on props , futhermore they do not even have any rules on football markets as you can see again in the screenshots.

To futher counter their claims that extra time does not count to settle bets check both " in baseball extra innings are counted unless otherwise stated" and " american football rules also include overtime" , as you can see in both markets they include overtime to settle bets unless stated otherwise and as you can see in my bets there is not metion of only full time or no extratime so there no metion of extra time not counting

As i said already they did not even have any rules on football as a market and no metion of extra time in their rules , however in their rules as i said already they do count overtime or extra time in american football and baseball unless stated otherwise.

//// i have sent a complaint like this with screenshots showing their rules , evidence etc never got a reply , sent to : [email protected]

never got a reply not even ackdnoledge receiving my complaint

can you please help me? iwill send anything you request