Mybcasino not paying

Casino: MYBcasino

Claim ammount: 1250 USD

I signed up at mybcasino casino a few weeks ago. I made several a few deposits in which I lost. I managed on my last deposit to win $1250. I made a withdrawal and waited for the 48 hrs pending period. After that time I tried to log in to my account and found that it was locked. I contacted support on the phone and was told I needed to send in some documents. I sent in the documents and they were approved. I waited for a few hrs and then tried to log back into my account and it was still locked. I called again and was then transferred to someone. This guy comes on the phone and starts accusing me of knowing someone that charged back $2000 on their credit card and they weren't going to pay me unless they paid back the chargeback. I HONESTLY TO GOD DO NOT KNOW THIS PERSON THEY WERE ARE REFERRING TO. I tried to explain this to him. He insisted that I knew that person and he even insisted that I was a man using a voice decoder to sound like a woman. I told him he could easily skype with me and see I am a woman and this has to be a mistake and I'm caught up in their drag net. He didn't want to hear it and hung up on me. I have never felt so low in my life. This guy honestly has the wrong person. I do not owe them any money nor do I know the person he was referring to (I swear to God!!!). I used crypto on all my deposits. I don't know who to turn to for help resolving this issue. But they truly have me mixed up with the wrong person(s).

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