Locked out and will not pay me my money

Casino: Cloudbet

Claim ammount: 250 USD

I had just recently started playing on cloudbet. The first 2 times lost about $100 combined. The 3rd I was winning. Up somewhere between $250-$300. My phone for some reason rebooted and when I went to log back on it wouldn't let me. I contacted support and they wanted ID, proof of address, picture of me holding ID and a sign with Cloudbet and the date on it. This was on Saturday. Yesterday, Monday, alone I sent 201 pictures of the things the requested. They kept rejecting it and giving the same exact reason no matter what I done. 201 pics I sent and they claim they can't use any of it? BULLSHIT! I have the emails saved. I sold cars for 10 years and was constantly having to send the same type documents to banks. Sometimes I would have to take a pic of those documents. On a few rare occasions I would have to do it over. At no time did I ever have to send 201 because the others had issues. They complained when they had me holding the sign with the date and my ID and taking a selfie because it was to to blurry and my finger was in the way and they couldn't read it. It was blurry but there's no damn way I cod get me my ID and a sign all 3 in there together taking a selfie and it not be. I took a pic of me holding the sign and the me holding my ID and a pic clear pic of the ID. Any reasonable person can see it's the same ID. Those ID"s are small. You have to get close to take a readable pic. By the time you get close enough there's no room for anything else much less a selfie of me holding a sign also. Now I've followed up 3 times today and they said they were waiting for the verification team to finish with it. Now just before I came here for this complaint they said it just now got sent ovre to the verification department. We're not talking about 5housands of dollars here. I'm not 100% sure how much it was because with my phone unexpectedly restarted and insted of dollars it was in bitcoin and I'm still pretty new to the bitcoin. But roughly I estimate around $250. If they were this considered about identification why the hell not do it before hand if they take it so serious that 201 pictures are not enough to prove address and identify. 201! I've went above and beyond I feel like. All I've got is the run around and a bunch of bullshit. It's funny there were no issues when I was losing just only when I won. $250. Once again 201 pics of ID and proof of address. I still have all the emails.

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