King Billy casino confiscated my balance of 0.85 Btc

Casino: King Billy casino

Claim ammount: 37000 EUR


My name is Mariusz Windak , and I'm from Ireland. I've been treated very unfairly by online casino: King Billy registered and established under the laws of Curaçao, with registration number 152125.

They blocked my account on 10/04/2020 and confiscated my balance of 0.85 Bitcoin ( which is now around €37,000 ) due to violation of T&C. I'm only looking for help to get my deposit back ( 0.59 Bitcoin ) , but nobody could help me so far.

This is my all story below:

I opened an online account in King Billy Casino in 2019 ( in BTC ) and made deposit in Bitcoin. My account was verified ( they've got a copy of my ID and proof of my address). I did cash out small profit from my first deposit, but later on I've lost my remaining BTC balance, and I've also lost my next deposits, so I decided to self-excluded myself from that casino. King Billy closed my account indefinitely. Few months later (on April 2020) I was looking for online Bitcoin casino again, and I found the same one, I was playing before (King Billy). I did not remember, that I had an account there, and I self-excluded myself from that casino, because I was playing in a few different casinos as well , and it has been few months from my last visit.

I opened my account again in King Billy casino on April 2020 ( in BTC ) from the same IP address, same mobile phone. I put the same personal information, I only registered different email address. Casino allowed me to open a new account and make deposit , although I was self-excluded indefinitely. I also have to admit, that I did not read their T&C and I had no idea that opening another account is against casino rules, otherwise I would never ever try to open another one and make a deposit. My old account was empty anyway, and blocked. They could inform me that I'm already registered there , but they didn't, so I made deposit of 0.59 Bitcoin into my new account, and again I verified my account sending ID and electricity bill as a proof of my address. Casino did not block my account after verification!

My second account was verified and active all the time when I was playing. After a few days of playing I made a profit, and my balance was 0.85 Bitcoin. When I tried to cash out 0.465 Bitcoin into my crypto wallet, then they blocked my account, and I've got an information , that I broke T&C opening a duplicate account, so they decided to confiscated my balance with my deposit. I've got a message from casino (below):

Dear Marius, Unfortunately, your actions are a direct violation of Terms and Conditions of the online casino King Billy. Your balance has been confiscated. This is the final decision and it will not be reviewed.

They closed my second account and confiscated all balance with my deposit on April 10th 2020.
I had no right to get my deposit back. If I lost my deposit, and never try to cash out, I would never know , that I broke any casino rules. Moreover that second account would be still active, and had option to deposit more money. They allowed me to open second account on the same name , same IP , make deposit relatively large sum of money and play for couple of days. That is a very dirty casino practice! They knew from the begining, that I will not be able to withdraw my money because I broke their T&C.

I know that casino took advantage of their tricky rules! I feel bad and hopeless.I feel cheated by King Billy casino, and I need help. I tried to explain them many times, that I did not have any bad intention to take advantage of any casino promotion / bonuses . I did not sign up with any promotional code, and did not take any of that. I was just playing using my deposit money. I did not want full balance anymore...just my deposit back, and casino always replied me like this (below):

Dear Marius, This is the final decision and it will not be reviewed. Your account closed and balance fully forfeited. Thank you for understanding. Sergei Lucescu The King Billy Financial department

I lost hope and gave up. I did not believe that I have any chance for my deposit back. I know I should be careful and conscious of having already account there, but I wasn't! I know that I was treated wrongfully. It's not fair what they did to me.

I wrote a post about my case on website promoting casinos a few days ago, and one of the King Billy casino representative joined to the discussion. Casino reviewed and reconsidered my case, and decided that my deposit should be refunded. ( after 13-months ) I've got that message:

In order to solve this issue and close the complaint, we can refund the deposited amount of 0.46519739 BTC to your account at the exchange rate on April 10, 2020 (€2916). The date when the account was closed. The King Billy Team

They reopened my second account for me and returned €2916 , although my account was in BTC , and my deposit was in Bitcoin as well ( 0.59 Btc ) made on 6/04/2020. They kept my Bitcoin balance for more then one year , and then decided to refund €2916 as a Btc exchange rate on April 10, 2020.

First of all, they mixed up my unsuccessful withdraw attempt of 0.465 Btc with my deposit which was 0.59 Btc , and then , they converted value of Btc on 10/04/2020 to Euro. Value of 1Btc(year ago)= €6280; 1Btc(now)=~€42,000.

I've got 0.069 Btc ( exchange from €2916 ) on my crypto wallet , instead of 0.59 Btc as a deposit refund. Yes. It's better then nothing, but it's not right! Is it any chance I can get my deposit of 0.59 Btc back? ( minus 0.069 Btc they already sent to me). Can somebody help me ? I will be appreciated if you send me your opinion / advice about my case.

Best Regards Mariusz Windak