keep giving me runaround and resetting withdrawl time

Casino: juicy vegas

Claim ammount: 100 USD

I signed up because of there ND welcome bonus and won like 8dollars or sumptin played and completed the playthrough and had 126.00 after playthough was met but had a max cash out of 100.00 so i put in for withdrawl for the 100 but only had option for bank wire transfer so i put my bank info in and sent in every identifying document possible to verify i am me and recieved emails stated documents had been recieved and on file and i put in for withdrawl on 6-15-2022 they told me i needed to make a deposit of $20 to release my withdrawl which i did through bitcoin but yet they have it in my account history as credit card deposit then finally on 6-20-2022 i get an email saying my withdrawl had been processed but it wasnt in my bank account so i checked my casino account and they put it back there and said i cancelled the withdrawl so i spent the last 3 hours on support with 2 separte reprisenitives that i have transcripts from both saying i can use bitcoin to withdrawl but have to click on bank wire and put bitcoin address in the notes section which there is no notes section only comments and i tried that and it would not continue past that until u out all ur banking info in first which totlly negates the point of using bitcoin but i did it anyways and put my bitcoin address in the comments part and said it was excepted this time but now there starting my verifaction time period all over again like i didnt do nothing wrong and have went through this process and been approved already any other online casino i play at bitcoin deposits are within 24 hours and they have that option in withdrawl tab not hidden by only giving u bankwire option and have to put bitcoin address in the notes of that