Claim ammount: 10 EUR

Please would you assist in what should've been a very simple matter to resolve.Recently held a promo where they gave some players a 10 euro free bet for one day to place on some optional football games in their sports book. I PLACED my bet on a game between Athletic Bilboa vs Alaves selecting outright 90 min win on bilboa ,which they did at odds of 1.59/ the time i made the bet. Now I just wanna say that I have worked in South Africa for western province racing as a broadcaster as well as for several top line on course bookmakers for many years, successfully so. I also ran one of Coral Racing UKs biggest London shops successfully for nearly 6 years in the early 2000s, so If anyone understands all encompassing knowledge of bets and betting-being an avid punter myself, its me and I'm a little disturbed that this casino is running a sportsbook when they cannot even settle one single straight up win single on a single event result...very unsettling to say the least.

Ok so my result on the match was correct and the winning team A. Bilboa were on offer at odds of 1.59/1. I bet the entire 10 euros on a result for an outright win which they duely obliged and won 1-0.

So therefore 10 euros @ odds 1.59/1 = 15.9 euros winnings

And because it's a winning bet of course I get my stake back which is ten euros making s total of 25.9 euros. the total return to player.

The promo states that players get to keep their winnings for further play and a max cashout of 100 euros ...fine.

Of course they the casino. are to rightly take back their promo 10 euros which they gave and in this case it would have or should have left me with my winnings of 15.90 euros after they remove their 10euros back.

However I was only credited with 5.90 euros which is incorrect as my winnings were 15.90 euros after they take their 10 euro stake back. Before removing their 10 euro stake the total return to player ,to me is 25.90 euros -that minus the ten they take back leaves profit winnings of 15.90 euros.

I argued this to the point of near collapse but talking to a fool only makes one look foolish too.there was no getting through to this chat agent and he wouldn't reason or admit there was an error in settling the bet.. Subsequent chats followed the same course only this time with some ridicule and sarcasm to boot.very rude agents mocking me...disgusting treatment nevermind that. but...WHEN A BET IS A WINNING BET THE STAKE IS RETURNED TO THE PLAYER- IT IS NOT by crediting me 5.90 euros would have meant the odds were 0.59/1 when they were in fact 1.59/1 which makes the winnings total 15.90..they are 10 euros short in crediting my account. Anyone knows how to settle a bet but..they proceeded to tell me i need a maths class unbeknown to them , at university i finished 3rd highest in my country for statistics and economics that year ,and they are running a sportsbook ...with basic foulups of this nature god help any player who bets here. I would like the 10euro credited please as a matter of principle not for the money.They must be made aware that the error is theirs and know that ridiculing me when they are indeed in the wrong is not on.. This is basic, basic stuff, how they don't recognize this is beyond me and disturbing in that they have a license to offer bets but cannot settle even the simplest of bets. A win single?