Giving false reasons my withdraw hadn't been processed yet

Casino: Blue

Claim ammount: 1400 CAD

I have been fully verified after days of runaround and now that I'm verified they are asking to see my transaction for paying on my statement on a pdf . I have submitted the pdf with statement and it has been no response . The support chat just lies without a y shame. I have several chat screenshots where I now have proof of their lies and obvious pathetic tactics to deny paying funds or suggesting I play them in tournaments it's laughable to see how foolish this team of criminals operate. The worst is they hide behind this license agreement that was issued. How can a criminal group such as the get a license and have no ACCOUNTABILITY. I have screenshots of numerous agents promising my funds will be released as soon as I was verified. I have been fully verified for two days and now they are simply ignoring me once I forwarded the last of these ridiculous and invasive requests It's such an insult to the industry that companies like this can aquore licenses. Even after payment I want action taken to have these operators licenses revoked. I have kept every single conversation by screenshot. Such a shady and obvious group of scamartists and low lifes