Fraud after winnings

Casino: Redstagcasino

Claim ammount: 868 USD

First the winnings was the amount I was upto when I started to pursue my withdrawl. This casino then said that I was only limited to $160. They deleted all my winning and said they would send $160 in bitcoin. When I complained ( I have the communication between us) I was really upset. They started saying stuff that didn't apply to me such as you have to have a deposit within 45 days (I believe that was the number they said) but regardless I had multiple deposits in the last month. They said that this was a comp offer and even thou I had to meet the 40x times amount which I believe was over $2000 or $3000 dollars I was only allowed to be paid $160. WHAT! They never limited my losses on all my deposits. This was a sickening betrayal by what I thought was a good casino. As I complained it just got worse and they would not allow me to speak with a manager or give me contact info for someone I can speak with about this. I then asked who governs their casino and that information and I got ignored. I have asked for this info on 5 seperately written emails. The next day they froze my account after saying my winning of $160 had been processed and on its way. See how quick they wanted that to go out. Well my account was froze and I can no longer login. It just freezes when I try. The money they said processed and would arrive in 4 to 5 days was never sent. This company is a scam and I'm trying to get any and all to listen to me about their practices. I've opened a case here in the U.S.A and the lady was great but waiting to hear back. I sent a complaint to the european union and again very helpful but that two is just getting started. I come across your website so I wanted to reach out to you as well. Do you have advice on how to reach their management? Like I said I gave screenshot and emails with these details along with my credit card statements. The U.S governing agency recommended I get capital one involved and open a fraud case. They will prevent all deposits being made with their credit cards and that lady said she will help me with that call to capital one tomorrow or the next day. If they don't want to pay me I want to make sure they can't take money from others. When I showed those people the screenshots and messages they couldn't believe the fraud. I even showed them my inability to now login and how I tried talking to customer service from their app, not logged in, when I give my user id they say they are looking into it and then the connection closes. They are legit scam casino. Can you please help or give guidance on how to ensure they can't do this to others. It's not about the money totally but it's money I won fair and square. They don't give my money back or cap my losses when I don't win do they?