Failed to action my request


Claim ammount: 1200 EUR


I am hoping you can assist me with complaint please as I am hitting a brick wall with this casino

On the 16/09/2020 I reached out to live support to take a break from playing as I was playing too much. I received a reply “thank you for your message you will receive a reply shortly” I did not receive any reply whatsoever and company are saying they replied asking me how long I wished to take a break for. I asked on a number of occasions for proof of where they sent this and received shockingly bad responses including asking me to check junk mail etc. I continue playing and lost a lot more money as this company failed to pause my account On the T&Cs it states you can send message to live chat and this would be actioned within 24 hours which my request wasn’t actioned

In the meantime I contact live chat again and ask how could I raise complaint on this. without confirmation of how long I wanted to pause my account the minute I mentioned word complaint my account was blocked

I find it very strange how they can block me when I say complaint and yet there reason for not actioning my original request was because I didn’t reply saying how long I wanted break for

Also in the company T&Cs it gives steps to raise a complaint and Woukd Make you think they take this seriously but they do not

Please see below and note 38 messages sent on this. It’s also worth while calling out I kept receiving replies that this company rejected my mails

I really appreciate your help in advance