Fabvet casino failed to self exclude me

Casino: Www.favbet.com

Claim ammount: 5000 USD

I am contacting you regarding a case I consider taking to the court and press charges against favbet . Here is a brief explanation of the case : Favbet refused to permanently close my account since 26/06/2022 , although I mentioned many times that i am losing a lot of money, and told them I will contact responsible gambling if they do not close the account. They never cared or closed the account which resulted in a total loss of over $5,000 . I have sent them over 30 emails mentioning that i am losing a lot of money and i want the account permanently closed. I also threatened them to hire a lawyer if the account is not closed , yet they kept the account open . Iwant a refund for all the deposits made from 26/06/2022 till today. Any screenshots, emails, contacts with the casino are available upon request. I tried to contact gaming licenses many times , yet they never answered any emails